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uploading images
23:48:24 Oct 9th 18 - Mr. Tokie:

I would like to know how to upload images to the chat. I drag and drop on my computer but when I post it isn't displaying.

10:53:56 Oct 10th 18 - Night Talon Lord Ivanho (Mr. Snow Whites Secret Boyfriend):

I see no one has time to help peeps these days, they got too busy n too old... XD

Well, you cant upload pics or gifs from your devices directly to VU Forum, which is a Pain. There are couple of sites where you can upload pic/ gif n share the Image Link here.

You should use Imgur, make your account there, then upload a pic/ gif, then copy the "Direct Link" of that image, copying Normal image Link wont work. After copying Direct Link, come vu forum, click on image option, copy-paste that Direct Link, click ok ;)

After uploading a pic, you'll see a Normal Link like in this pic. If you click on the Arrow besides that "Link" option, they'll show you "Direct Link" for this photo. You need to copy that. Done.

this is Imgur link from Mobile Browser:

14:57:29 Oct 10th 18 - Mr. Tokie:

thank you. I haven't uploaded a pic to vu in over 10 years. Thanks for the help

14:58:04 Oct 10th 18 - HorusPanic (Sir Pannnnnnnnnnic):

My version:

1. make imgur account
2. copy picture you want to post and upload to imgur (gifs work too)
3. hit this button: Add Image
4. post the link ingur give you in this specific format: (<--- whatever extension you need)
5. Post

14:59:03 Oct 10th 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

remove the s from https

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