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Teleported army
09:28:04 Jan 31st 22 - Mr. Koss The Caver:

My army got teleported and when I select view on map the army never loads any ideas?

20:15:01 Jan 31st 22 - Jarl Rahzalgul:

Just have to find it manually. It usually doesn't go far from where it was. I just zoom out and pan around

20:37:46 Jan 31st 22 - Lady Jasmina:

If you're using mobile version on phone, for me it rarely does load the army, somehow it just goes in the corner, and then you have to look around like Jarl said. Check events maybe it got ownaged or killed after if you missed it? 

On computer it should switch to it right away once you click it in armies section... mobile version is the only one that has this issue for me.

03:03:55 Feb 1st 22 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

On a computer, load up the mobile interface, you can use the browsers find feature to find the name.

Every army has it's name

06:40:23 Feb 1st 22 - Mr. Koss The Caver:

i was using the mobile version Thank you guys for the help i found the army!

06:46:40 Feb 1st 22 - Mr. Buttseks:

I miss being able to teleport an army and they'd land in the forests or on a mountain.

09:57:58 Feb 1st 22 - Mr. Koss The Caver:

i was worried that was what happened and i was going to be more than a little bummed out

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