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Adventures of Babyface
01:22:32 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Babyface:

Babyfaces family of four is running low on food and are unable to pay rent on the shack behind the Tavern.

In response to Babyfaces 'Work Needed' poster put up at the barracks, a hooded man approaches and asks Babyface to to go on a quest across Zeta, Mantrax and Fantasia to seek great treasures. The hooded man later announcing himself as 'Arego', and promises to train Babyface as a top Assassin, which he does, making him the Babyface Assassin!

Who knows what monsters, treasures or wizards Babyface will encounter, or what friends will follow him in his journey?

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01:24:12 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Babyface:

The journey sets up at the tavern where Babyface searches for a companion to aid him through his adventure...

01:26:31 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Roy:

(( is this asking who will join you? if so i will, im in fantasia so lets start there ))

01:30:19 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Babyface:

Babyface and Roy set out of the Tavern in Fantasia with the note from Arego saying we should head for The Great Mine.

"I hope you know the way, I have never been in Fantasia before, I live in Zetamania".

01:53:19 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Roy:

" i know my way around the place. " said roy as he lead baby face to to roy's crane castle. " we should get supplies here, cross the low tide river, and make our way onto The Great Mine territory that is very vast. " said roy as roy called from the gates of the castle for some hiking resources and a 21 week survival kit. roy and baby face then made their way across the river which took about an hour and then set out through the mountains around the place that lead to the Great Mine. the only thing baby face didn't really know about roy is that he was a skilled archer that could also go into close combat with a sword and shield, dagger, and a huge wooden and iron pole.

18:53:58 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Babyface:

Babyface notices the vast number of weapons being held by Roy as they enter the fields leading up to the Great Fantasian Mountains, looking majestic in the distance. Gazing across to the horizon, Babyface notices something moving rapidly through the waist high crops heading directly for them. 

"What is it?", Babyface asks Roy, knowing of his renowned 'eagle-eye'.

21:39:52 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Roy:

roy shot the thing moving with a bow and arrow that came out of no where. " it is a scout " said roy as he lit a thred with a match and watched the field burn as he led baby face up the mountain " we'll be safe up here "

22:32:55 Mar 20th 07 - Mr. Babyface:

Approaching the trail at the bottom of the mountains, Babyface halts at a wooden guard post, a man wearing steel mail and wielding an axe stained with the blood of his enemies stands tall at the gate.

"We're passing through, Roy demands".

"No can do, your not allowed past because th..."

One slice throught the neck by Babyfaces cursed blade puts the man on his face.

Babyface -"I have heard of these bandits, they jus' want our gold"

After searching the body Babyface finds 100 gold and some food supplies. Then they both wander through the captured Legacy post and along the mountains trail...

14:13:07 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Babyface:

The trail ascends, giving great strain to the feet of Babyface and his companion Roy. Looking at his map, Roy says how they had reached only a quarter of the way through the treachourous mountains, it seems to Babyface like an eternity of walking.

As they turn the corner they halt at the sound of growling ahead, Roy peeps his head round the tree to find a pack of Wolves under the control of an Orc Shaman. The Shaman stood tall with his dark staff of which seems to glow an eery green. The wolves are munching on a guard, who wore similar armour to the man they had encountered at the Outpost earlier.

"What do we do?" Babyface whispers to Roy, as they kneel behind the tree on the side of the mountainside path

21:28:29 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Roy:

roy made a one minute kind of geusture with his hand and then made another geusture imposing he had an idea. roy took some string, wrapped it around ten arrows and then made so one arrow stuck out from the rest and so roy could fire it with the bow. roy readied his shield and sword along with a dagger and his metal pole and then roy lit a match making the wolves' ears perk up and then roy lit the arrows bunched together and shot them into the air so that when the arrows exploded, they would rain down as fire from the sky while making smoke so that roy could assisinate the shamen while taking out the wolves. as the smoke emerged... roy and baby face moved in to the smoke, having killed alread 3 of the 5 wolves roy was pleased as baby face killed the fourth one and that led roy to using his metal pole to send the fifth wolf flying unconsius and using a dagger to cut the throught of the shamen.

22:36:55 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Babyface:

The teo warriors stand with their weapons drawn, panting as the smoke clears. Babyface turns to see a man approach from a bush on the side of the path. The man speaks with a soft voice, "thank youm for saving me, if they had spotted me then i would have been taken prisoner, for i am a tradesman who knows a lot about the treasures of Fantasia". Babyface and Roy glance at each other in disbelief.

Babyface-"what treasures do you know of"?

Tradesman- "well i know of the Fantasian Diamond, and where it is located, but i dare not retrieve for its guarded by the most evil creatures of all, the S.O.L.C". " The Solc stands for the spirits of the lost Carnage, dead Carnage soldiers are trapped as spirits at the Ace Cavern. Perhaps you could go there and retrieve the diamond, I saw the way you handled that Shaman back there"!

"Our destiny is clear now, we are to head to Ace Caverns"! 

23:29:14 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Scarred:

As the two warriors approach the cavern the heard a rustling noise from the bushes from thier right. Babyface turned to the soure of the sound while Roy turns the other way.

Babyface- "Why are you facing that way?"

Roy- "He's not coming from that side he's coming from ARGHHH!"

A stalking shadow over Roy unsheathed his sword and started towards Babyface. As the moonlight shone across his face Babyface cried out in disbelief...

Babyface- "Scarred?!? Is that really you?"

The cloaked person took off the raggity hood and shook off the cape surrounding his neverending scars. He bore the Carnage symbol and quickliy sheathed his sword.

Scarred- "Ah Babyface its you. *glances at Roy* I'd better fix him up and tell you my story..."

23:51:08 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Scarred:

*Scarred bandages Roy*

Scarred- Well here it goes... I've joined Carnage for glory and power. When i arrived they seemed to well trainined and thier weapons so delicately made just a rub against the steel would made you bleed. My first mission was against my old kingdom Earth Peace. I was orders to blow up as many of the leader's buildings. I quickly slaughter the peasents with the army I was assigned with. After retaking a guardtower I climbed to the top and saw something I thought I'd never see before. As we took an Earth Peace city all the other Carnage armies took over or burnt all cities in sight and were heading towards us with catapults. I also saw the army I was assigned with heading towards my guardtower. I was set up! I shouldn't have said alot of my past. They obviously knew I was an Assassin and wouldn't take thier chances with me. After slaying 40 Carnage soldiers they cut me and I passed out. When I woke up I was bleeding and inside Ace Caverns. I can tell you. It wasn't pretty.

00:16:10 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Babyface:

"Well, it sounds like you were lucky to escape with your life, me and Roy have to travel to Ace caverns, were searching for a treasure. I was hoping you could show us around as you have been there before. What do you say Scarred? Will you follow me on my travels like when we were lads?"

Babyface and Roy look hopefully at the battle hardened face of the lean Scarred standing before them....

12:16:21 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Roy:

with roy bandaged up he said" give me my sword back"

18:51:08 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Babyface:

then longed for the response of scarred

22:27:58 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Scarred:

Of course I would. But beware, all though everything seems dead, they will kill you as soon as you touch the treasure (or anything else for that matter). We might not escape with our lives. *hands roy back his sword*

18:42:49 Mar 23rd 07 - Mr. Babyface:

"Very well, we had better set off before nightfall".

Babyface and Roy now have a new companion, Scarred. With the sun setting and the defeated wolves laying dead, the three warriors turn and make a break for the Ace cavern, with Scarred leading the way.

20:17:12 Mar 23rd 07 - Mr. Scarred:

Once inside the cavern, darkness seemed to swallow them.

Scarred- *lights a lanturn* I'll cover the back. I know the caverns more and with many dead ends, we need the fastest route out. Babyface you lead the way.

20:38:06 Mar 23rd 07 - Mr. Babyface:

"lets go"

The three travel through the dark, stuffy caves of Ace. The tunnel twists and turns but they carry on. Every now and again Babyface would hear a screach echo through the walls, each time sending a shiver down his spine.

As they progress they reach a crossroad, the tunnel splits off in three directions. They sit as they discuss where they should go.

Babyface - "C'mon Scarred, you must be able able to know which direction we need to go"!

Roy - "Are you aware how far away we are from the diamond, i am also concerned of those terrible demons you spoke of, where are they"?

Babyface - "I am certain they will show themselves soon, i have been hearing them"

Scarred isnt speaking, he is laying back in deep thought about the correct tunnel they should take, suddenly he sits up as he remembers...

01:08:48 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Scarred:

"all three go to the diamond. but we need to face different creatures of each sort. The left has chimeras and sphinx, the right has the arch angels and nazguls, and the middle, the one that I have came from to the front of the cave contains all the demons of Carnage. Now we must choose our fate."

01:42:41 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Babyface:

Babyface - "well we arent properly armed to take on chimeras so the left route is out"

Roy - "With all of those Carnage demons, we're sure to be killed, its just too risky"!

Scarred - "So, it seems we will be coming up against arch angels and the mighty nazgul, and a demon i hadnt spoken of. Babyface, those screaches you heard were 'Tundra', the ice demon of which we hopefully will never come across. She sleeps this time of year tho, which means if we wake her she'll be deadlier than ever"!

So they travelled on through the right tunnel, with Babyface keep the cool head of the assassin he was trained as...

03:05:08 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Imperial:

roy followed baby face with every thing ready. this may have been my luckiest day of my life but...but...oh i dont know, thought roy as heheld on to his metal pole

00:46:17 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Babyface:

The tunnel before them begins to change now, the walls on either side with scrape marks on them,

Scarred - "this area must have contained the ore of mithril, an extremely rare metal that any warrior would kill for"!

As they continue, unchallenged, the tunnel comes to an opening. A large room with one exit on the far side and the tallest ceiling you would ever see, still no light could get in the mines. The room has boulders scattered across the floor. Brannigan realises just how deep underground they had travelled.

All of a sudden, a blinding light glares through the far exit. Two human sized lights seem to float into the room. The three warriors turn to a battle stance.

As the lights dim, the two arch-angels show themselves, Babyface jumps behind a rock after a fireball sails his direction, he prepares his throwing knives...

08:47:48 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Zeus:

Zeus then killed him. the end.

02:14:46 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Zeuss Dad:

*Slaps Zeus on the back of the head*

"Dammnit boy, I told you to stop doing that!"  * He yells at Zeus as he revives the three then drags Zeus by the ear into a flash of blinding light*  "Now Come on, if your late for dinner again, your mother is gonna kill you!"

*The two vanish into light, leaving the three warriors to fight against the godlike enemies *

19:50:40 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Smuff With A Shemale:

/ slaps Zeus as well

do what your farther tells you!!!

/ drop kicks Zeuss Dad in the ball

dont hit your children!!!!

20:48:41 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:


my long lost son!!!

11:38:15 Jun 9th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

*Babyface died in battle, but kinda came back to life as Brannigans Law, scarred and Roy both got killed by Carnage Demons. Brannigan gets up and finds himself surrounded by evil creatures, then through the tunnel comes a warrior in Brannigans aid*

"Frozen? chuck me that sword brother"!

14:47:01 Jun 9th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:

*flings the sword at bran*

what for?

18:51:59 Jun 9th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

"what for??? theres 50 Carnage Demons!!!"

*Brannigan grabs ahold of the sword and blocks a stab, then swings his blade into the back of the demons head, jumps over the swing of a mace and elbows another demon in the nose*

"Come on Frozen, FIGHT!!!"

19:13:30 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Pride:

Then all of a sudden Frozen said to him

"i cant contain myself anymore, i love you!"

and they started making out and made geybbuttsex love on the floor for hours...

the end

19:18:43 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

grrr wanker

14:53:22 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:


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