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01:50:21 Jun 6th 06 - King Arzun:

The sun was rising in the east as Arzun rode up on the hill. His army of fifteen thousand proud warriors were all mounted and ready. Their glistening silver armor and blades shone as they rose the hill and into the plains. Arzun's General brought his horn to his mouth as five other men did. The horns sounded in unision as the knights of the Illuminati Empire rode into the fields of war and pointed their spears down. Archers on horseback knocked arrows and readied positions.

"Ready to fire archers! Raise the banner! Beat the drums! Blow the horns! The Illuminati Empire is back!" Horns blew in unision as the great army rode into the field. As the fifteen thousand men galloped over the hills another fifty thousand followed, all carying swords and shield, ready to fight. Arzun's son, Lord Arathor was on his horse and had the atire of a rich king ready for war, as he was fit for. The army was ready, for war.



((Open RP please post, no rules just don't be too cheap))

01:55:43 Jun 9th 06 - Mr. Amunra:

AmunRA rode alongside Arzun the Illuminated and drew his sword Aiedail. "Men! Charge!" AmunRA and Arzun rode into the field and the front row of cavalry pointed the spears, ready. Ahead of them was many orcs, amoung the orcs were armies of trolls and even men, elves and dwarves alike. All corupt and ready to fight for their ruler. Horns blew and trolls ahead beat their drums.

      Arzun and his 20000 cavalry first charged and rode into the orcs killing many, however about an hour into the battle 5000 dwarf phalnaxes armed with halberds slashed through the lines killing many. Arzun rode back and ordered his archers to fire at the elves that were killing his men fast.

AmunRA rode in and took command while Arzun was gone. He had his archers fire freely into the ranks of trolls as goblins ran into his men AmunRA slew many as his blade came in contact with their throats. "Men! Push into their ranks! Make room for the Infantry to take out the halberdiers!" The ranks pushed and pushed as they slowly moved into the army.

02:23:06 Jun 9th 06 - Mr. Amunra:

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03:00:54 Jun 9th 06 - Viceroy Gorilla:

A hunched form watched this from a mountain pass above. His eyes narrowed - suspicious of the new figures entering his people's land. The dwarf nicknamed Gorilla for his particularly ample beard and akward fighting style, did not know what to make of this. As he scanned the scene in front of him he had to concede, the king of the crumpled Illuminati Empire was back.

Gorilla pondered just what this would mean for the people bordering on IE lands. "Sir," - a scout - "we've confirmed the invading army is of King Arzun."

"Yes. Send a runner to King Azaruc. He may be interested to know..."

"Yes Sir!", -he turned to leave- "Scout!", "Sir?", "The runemasters...."

"Sir, you wouldn't.....why?", "No... I want to know what is in that army. I haven't received any warning of his arrival, either positive or negative. Until I do, we'll just be keeping an eye open on him." "Yes Sir!"

Gorilla refocussed his beady eyes on the battle below, but the havok of a mixed-race battle made a head count impossible. He sat back on his almost simean haunches, to wait, patiently analysing this new-commer's tactics....

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03:13:14 Jun 9th 06 - King Arzun:

Arzun ordered his archers to fire at the invading warlords. His infantry finally geting through the enemies ranks and to the pikemen that were slaugthering his men. The enemy troups were thining but not as much as Arzun's men were. He had returned and had no time to rest, he was imidietly in battle with his Viceroy and they were paying. The army of Korian and his followers were rebelling against the reak king of IE.

      "Men! We broke through! This is ally teritory, drive them from this land!" Arzun rode back into the fray and headed to Korian.

03:40:01 Jun 9th 06 - Viceroy Gorilla:

The hunched figure bolted up when he saw what was happening.

"SCOUT!", the thunderous order carried 200 meters down the hill, startling the scout as though his commander were right behind him. He returned at double-speed.

"Sir!", "That invading isn't invading at all; its some sort of liberating force!"

"Orders Sir?!", "Almost the same, boy. Get to Azaruc and tell him what's going on, but on the way, make a stop by the Temple of Runemasters and tell them to give our axemen a grand entry to that battle."

The scout turned and ran back the way he came, heading to the grouping of the various generals of Jump Zero, Gorilla's personal elite corps. They began barking orders at the men as three distinct horns sounded. "Swords, on your feet! Hammers, to the crest of the mountain! Axes, around to the other entrance for this pass!" The drums of the runemasters began to pound as they formed a massive circle and began their work of protection.

Minutes later Jump Zero had arrived in position. Whether the men fighting below had ever noticed the sounds of drums and horns over their own battle was of no consequence, for they all saw the sun blotted out by ten thousand mithral hammers raining down on Korian's army. Just then the sky took on a forboding orange hue as if the air itself were enraged at the incidents taking place. Gorilla waited with the axemen just around the corner....

In the ranks of Korian's army, a troll noticed the smell before anyone else.. like charred wood. A few black specks of soot began to fall from the sky, and then a roar. Thick sheets of flame washed over the army for fifteen of the most chaotic seconds ever experienced. The hammer throwers decended the mountain... the swords just behind them... the axemen rounded the bend.... and Korian, Gorilla, and Arzun all saw each other in one long moment.

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03:46:58 Jun 9th 06 - Sir Kavath:

A horn sounded in reply to the ones blown by Gorilla, Arzun, and AmunRA, and five thousand steel-wielding knights came from across the other side of the bank, driving deep into the confused troops that were now beset on three sides. All was going well to Kavath, who had suffered many defeats in the north in the war with Zeon. He was simply getting payback now, and aiding his allies when he could, such as now. An officer ran up and saluted. "Report!"

The man nodded. "Sir, the archers are in position sir, as well as your personal guard of swordsmen. Army II is at your command!" The ruler of the Telrosian province squinted down at the fierce melee ongoing below him. "Archers, ready!" The sound of two thousands arrows and bows being drawn back came from behind Kavath. "Aim!" A small paused.

"Loose!" A flurry of brown objects flew past his head and were sent sailing to impale themselves on Korian's army below. Nodding in satisfaction, he gave command to the officer before riding to Gorilla's position, with a bodyguard of ten knights. "Greetings Gorilla, I hope I am not too late to the party?"

05:16:41 Jun 9th 06 - Sir Rhade:

Rhade's scout crested the hilltop and surveyed the battle below  He then rode back to his encampment, where Rhade was directing the packing of supplies.

"Liege!" cried the galloping elf.  "The horns we heard blowing, they were from our allies, Sir Kavath and Viceroy Gorilla.  There is a great battle going on there, where Korian's army fights.  There are others fighting with him, that I do not recognize."

Rhade looked off to where the horns had blown, and whistled for his generals.  The elves gathered in front of him within seconds, and kneeled.

"We march now, our allies fight and we will miss the glory if we do not ride with haste.  Leave what you cannot carry as it is, what are our forces now?"

A lieutenant stepped forward with a sheet of records.  "Sir, we have with us ten thousand of our riders, and three thousand of our strongest archmages."

Rhade nodded and looked toward the battle again, then summoned his Grand Mage.  "Bring together ten of your strongest and bring them before me, I have need of your abilities."

The Grand Mage nodded and closed his eyes.  Shortly after a swirling blue portal opened and ten elves stepped through, all dressed in flowing gold and silver robes.

Rhade walked before them, but none kneeled, for they were of nobler descent than even the generals.  While he could order around his spellweavers, he dared not do that with his archmages.  Instead he asked, respectively, whenever he needed anything, and now he did.

"Our allies fight and while we will make it there in plenty of time, I must speak with Gorilla soon.  Could you find him and transport a small group there to meet him?"

The Grand Mage stepped forward and nodded, "We can, and we will.  Bring your generals, the mages before you are all we will need."  He placed a hand on Rhade shoulder, "Tell us when you see him."

Suddenly Rhade's vision blacked out, and was replaced by a slightly blurred view from above the battlefield.  Focusing on the dwarves, the archmages quickly pinpointed their leader, who was also surrounded by a group of humans, among them Rhade recognized only Sir Kavath.  The view was lowered to the ground, slowly nearing Gorilla.  His whole field of vision suddenly flashed white, and as he regained sight he realized Gorilla and the others were staring at him.

Rhade walked to Gorilla and Kavath, "I don't recommend that to anyone else....  What's going on here?  I thought we had the Empire under control."

21:39:18 Jun 9th 06 - King Arzun:

The army of Arzun drove into the heated battle as molten rocks set the phalnaxes in a frenzy rushing back to help defend their corrupt leader. Korian had his armies all in a panic as his runemasters crumbled under the forces of the elves. Arzun screamed and sheathed his sword and got a spear from a fallen soldier of the Illuminati. With his weapon Arzun rode with five thousand knights all clad in chainmail and plate armor, his men drove through the dwarves and met the orc archers and slew them all. Korian then rode out and slashed at Arzun.

21:42:40 Jun 9th 06 - Viceroy Amunra:

AmunRA focused his atention on Korian and fired three arrows at him. Two mad impact and threw him off his horse saving Arzun. "Be careful friend, these are dangerous lands as I am sure you remember." AmunRA dismounted and ran into the battle with his infantry to take out the archers that were firing at the elven archmages on the plains.

01:17:12 Jun 16th 06 - Sir Marcos:

          Young Sir Marcos came long to discover this gruesome scene. Never in his short life had he come to witness such appalling events. His father, who now lied dead some were in a far away land, had told him of many hair-raising battles were blood was split, flesh was tear, and bones were crushed. But he always thought they were just stories that his father would use to have a bit of fun. He now believed them all.

          His 5000 warlords and 1500 mages that stood behind him now waited for his orders, as Sir Marcos remained frozen in time by his disbelieve of what he saw in front of him.

           “Sir…should we attack?” asked his general.

           “I... don’t...don't  know,” answered Sir Marcos in a weak whisper, “I don’t know what to do.”

          “Sir… you must decided what you want us to do.”

          “What would my father do?” he thought to his self. At that moment he was fired upon by archers, he had no choice, he was forced into battle.  


11:50:50 Jun 16th 06 - King Scythlord:

King Scythlord, and his Young son jonny, made their way with a gruop os select Soldiers.

Scythlord looked down at what was the battle field, and even he shuddered.

"I have seen much, but this, this is huge, and horrible."

He looked out, and saw their was no end to the grusome battle

Jonny looked up at his father and asked, "what shal you do"

"I shall send you ack, this is not your fight. return home, and prepare the provinces, rally the Noble, and tell them what has happened. I have no choice, i must join here. Do what you yhink is best, King jonny bacardi, you now ruke the BMU, and all the land and nobles that come with it. be fair and just, and they will follow you, like they did me."

"yes sir!" Yong Jonny replied.

Scythlord now says"I want five of you to see the new King home, and tell every one that there was no treachery. You will be his lifr guards, guard him with your lives. The rest of you, Follow Me!!!!"

With these last words, the king and his select group Thundered down the ridge and into the fray.

There where 1500 Knights with Scythlord, and you could clearly see who was who, as the BMU armor is diferent, and the Banners more colorfull

"Good Luck father" Jonny said"and may you die taking out many men."

With that, the new King turned around, and went home, with his new life Guards.

09:13:34 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. Lucifer:

suddenly 15000 orcs sprang from the bushes surrounding the humans

and killing them one by one.

the new king tried to run but was cut down by a huge orcish war chief by the name of mr lucifer


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15:35:02 Mar 26th 07 - Sir Salaraca:

as the sabage creatures kill the honurable humans they are watched from the hills. a orc horde much larger than guessed at first sight stands sighlently apart from the occasional grunt.
the orc warlord sits atop his boar, he then shouts a rallying call to his men and the orc warlords regement of boar riders plough through the soft grasses that are so comon on the feilds, soon after the boar boys desent on the orcs of lucifer the orc warriors charged down onto the battle feild.

the boar boyz crunched into the mob of orcs, the warlord swinging his axe, sliceing into the side of the head of an orc, but as the orcs came to attention that they were being attacked so did their tactics, a number of orcs soon held spears to the boars and boars fell in the dirt, as the creatures died the riders soon got up and fought back, such as with the warlord, when he fell from his boar he crushed two of the orcs that killed his steed.
when he rose he swung his axe and maimed two orcs that were desending on him, a large orc ran up to him and swung a choppa at the warlord, the war lord raised his arm to block the blow, the blade cut into his arm but as if nothing had happend he got his own choppa out and cut the warriors gut, the beast slumped to the floor and his guts fell out.
the warlord swings his axe as he runs into the mob, for this was the day of battle.

08:35:26 Mar 28th 07 - Mr. Zeus:

Zeus entered the battle alone. He got swarmed but ignored it.. as one of the olympian gods he'd never die. he pushed through the battle easily,stopping in the centre...

15:00:14 Mar 28th 07 - Mr. Yuran:

On the horizon a scout peered at the battle... many troops were fighting here. after giving his estimate on the amount of troops he reported back to his commander...

"Sir! about 200,000 strong on both sides!, said the scout."

The commander pauses, scratches his chin, and says,

"Alright... rally the troops... we're going in."

"Sir! who do we attack?"

"The orcs and trolls, who else?!"

"Er... right sir."

"What are you waiting for!!!? Get Moving!!!"

"Sir, Yes Sir!!!"


As the army scrambled into formation the commander drew his sword and mounted his horse...


"This day! Pray for the gods for guidance to strike your enemy down."

"Now my Brothers! Two groups! Calvary 1st Line!! Pincer Flank! Charge!!!!!!"


The Battle cry echoed through the pass, in the morn the dew of the grass was moist and made the air feel as thick as blood. The mighty Mercenary army of the Grudgebringers Charged and the mighty horde. And as the armies collided, The clash of steel and iron rippled into an amazing sound.

09:06:35 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Zeus:

Zeus was surrounded and couldn't fight back.

he spoke in hte immortal language for any who could hear to get his lightning bolts from mount olympus. after 1 day of battle the lightning bolts arrives,and he cut through all three armies.

17:17:04 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Yuran:

Nazguls come in through the sky and pick up zues and own him

21:46:01 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Zeus:

Zeus killed the attackers with one lightning bolt,carving a hole in the battle.

23:26:09 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Yuran:

zues your not immortal...

why would a god waste his time lol your no god, your not even descriptive. Its no fun if someone comes by and kills everything, thats just stupid. If you really wanna roleplay be zues, a wandering warrior, or zues the evil dark mage. i mean come on... a god? besides... zues was a major player... he had to many sons and chicks to worry about war lol. Ares or Mars, now your talking.

00:04:03 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Yea Zeus, listen to Yuran. Even my history teacher said that Zeus was a player lol.


I watched from the mountains above as the army of Korian was being assaulted from all sides. Archers and hammerthrowers rained death from above, as knights and infantry charged the flanks. Korian was now outnumbered, the odds were stacked against him. A grin came to my face as I rose into the air, and with me rose 5000 nazgul.


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00:18:42 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

OMG!! Where'd the rest go!! Took so long to type that! Darn! Oh well, continued from above:

No one would conquer my land. These so-called liberators would not so much as touch a morsel of my country's food. They would not so much as think of taxing one peasant. As Korian's army fell, I knew I should be happy. But, I knew that his empire would only be replaced by that of the Illuminati. Arzun the Illuminated they called him. As I watched him fight his way through the orc and troll army, I couldn't help but think that we would have been good friends, had we not been mortal enemies...

08:49:18 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Zeus:

Zeus leapt up to the new army,killing it.

21:29:57 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

lol, Greek god's are too lazy to jump thousands of feet into the air obviously proving that you are an imposter.
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21:34:28 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Vengance:

mr lucifer crawled from the battle field and went back to his home land to rasie a new army

21:40:52 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Vengance:

mr vengance and his army of dwarfs charged down the hill to assist the army lead by Mr. Atreides.

on the way past mr vengance chopped the head off zues because he is a total artard spoiling this battle.


02:38:28 Apr 1st 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Oh no! No one is contiuing =(

This was getting fun...

05:15:56 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Paracelzus II:

and then! **sudenly out of the sky screamed 500 nozguls, they rush down apon zues, dogde his lighting bolts, and then kills him on the spot.** **screaching from the sky they dive down and begin to pick every singe solder out of the battle field intill no one is left**

                                   THE END

05:16:36 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Paracelzus II:



05:16:53 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Paracelzus II:

lol!!! i messed everything up!!!!!!

11:57:33 Apr 24th 07 - Ms. Erica Brahmins:

~Out in the this dusty wateland, a slim cloaked figure came. She was almost a tiny figure considering the towering brutes around the battlefield. She has a jet black hair that was only visible when she threw back her hood also showing a horn on her forehead. She has a deep violet eyes that is almost luminescent. She scooped a handfull of sand and uttered some elven spell.~

04:40:51 Apr 28th 07 - Mr. Ohmnialator:

nice story

07:34:18 Apr 28th 07 - Mr. Stiltskin:


07:36:36 Apr 28th 07 - Ms. Erica Brahmins:

~The wind suddenly stopped. After some time, the ground trembled and out from the sand... The army of anubis rised. Large dark humanoid houndlike creatures with crimson burning eyes and fuming nostrills each wielding huge glaives glistening from the scorching sun. Thousands and thousands emerged from the sand. The wasteland seems to darken with the inumerable dark figures. She then looks around for anyone that might prove to be a challange.~

13:05:32 Apr 30th 07 - Sir Salar The Stingray:

salar the mighty dark elf rose to the new challenge, he stood on the barrenest of hills and spoke.
"I salar shall prove to my kin that i am the true lord, and over all should rule the elven people, thowe shall not defeat me!, to death!"

over the hill poured an army of imense size, but tho the soliders were dark elfs they were just as vicious as some

02:40:32 May 1st 07 - Ms. Erica Brahmins:

~She cackled at this statement, and grinned. She raises her hand and casts some lightning in the air.~

~The sky grew dark and her army was in a frenzy shouting and stsomping waving their gigantic glaives. Then they started for the opposing army, rushing. Then they stopped but thundering sound of a rushing army did not stop.~

03:27:07 May 1st 07 - Mr. Atreides:

    Then, after nearly a month, the nazguls that were seen above the battlefield reappeared. They swooped down upon the unsuspecting elves as the 2 armies collided.

17:16:31 May 11th 07 - Sir Salaracen The Slightly Tired:

^just gonna ignore that one and continue fighting erica

salaracens men crashed upon the mighty army. the black shine of the dark elves armour reflected as the sun shon upon it but it did not remain shiny for long.
captian lozarix of the fifth battalion shouted and ancient lore to his men.
lozarix swung his halberd at an anubis warrior (the mummy?) cutting its torso from its waist, then without any time to spare lozarix was attacked relentlessly
 until he could fight no more and was torn from bit to bit by the large canine beasts.

23:13:23 May 11th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

    The nazguls of Atreides continue slaughtering the elves puzzled by the way the elves were just ignoring them...

11:08:47 May 12th 07 - Sir Salaracen The Slightly Tiredii:

^ignoring still

salaracen swung his blade across the face of erica, he looked down on the hopeless queen "the battle feild is no place for a lady" he said quiet politicaly incorrectly
"take her away boys"
the sorcerous queen was dragged off thru the sand not resisting for her soul was brocken.

13:03:04 May 13th 07 - Lady Erica Brahmins:

~But then as the elves drew near the sorceress, the towering figures of her beasts surrounds her. Some of the beast lunges forth to repell their queens attackers. She stood up still wearing that grin... as if intoxicated by the pain from wound on her cheek. The blood flows relentlessly from her cheek and soaking her cloak. The wind swirls madly around her as she raises her hand drawing runes in the air and uttering a powerfull spell. ~

~Then... the wind stops.~

10:29:28 Jun 11th 07 - Sir Salareas Vinraven:

salaracen lay on the ground, his bones and spirit broken.
he lay there staring at this mistress of chaos.

but all of a sudden salaracen jumped up and was ready to once agian battle the "lady"
"I by the blood of my fathers fathers shall call upon the steed of the vinraven clan to defeat you...."
salaracen called the beast his fathers, fathers had rode upon  in times of war.

soon an all mighty beast, a black dragon had come to his masters aid.

salaracen sat atop this dragon and shout to his men, this day they would do battle, once more.

11:35:26 Jun 22nd 07 - Lady Erica Brahmins:

~She then raises her left arm. And with a hiss. uttered a spell.~

~The ground trembled and spikes from the earth emerges to impale the rushing armies in front creating a vast blockade of earth spikes and elven corpse. Then with   a high pitched yell, she commanded her legion for the kill!~

~The vast army of demons rushed through the flanks cornering the whole elven army. they tore through their armor ripped their flesh and through their bones. It was a massacre!~

~Her right arm is now exorbitant of energy required for her final strike. She squints as her flesh could barely withstand the pressure of energy flowing through her arm, blood was evidently seeping through cuts on her skin.~

~She unleashes a mighty yell as she raises her right hand swaying a bit, almost unable to contain its power.~

~The earth trembles.~

22:51:03 Jun 22nd 07 - Mr. Tiber Septim:

Tiber Septim, a mercenary-for-hire enters the battle, hacking every creature and person down in his path indiscriminately until a knight slashes Tiber across the neck. Tiber then falls to the ground and whispers something. The skies turn bright red.

06:24:32 Jun 23rd 07 - Sir Salaracen Maldovick Vineraven:

Salaracen was content with the way the battle was going.
his large battalion was near defeated but he had many more to come.

Salaracen atop his dragon swooped upon the demons crushing many, though this would not do nearly enough to win the battle, for demons come in many a vast number.

"Daemons aye? well two can play at that game..."

Salaracen soon called upon his own sorcerours to call upon the horde of Daemons. "We shall call upon the lord of change to assist us..."

And so after the unholy words were uttered and the unholy horrors of Tzeech were unleashed.

The nightmare visions screamed and ran across the feild to assist the dark elves.

the battle had just got a whole lot bloodier.

16:41:53 Jun 23rd 07 - Mr. Tiber Septim:

Tiber arises from a pool of blood and pulls out his sword. He feels his neck.

"Just a flesh wound."

Tiber runs towards the battle and continues hacking down everything in his path.

02:17:18 Mar 2nd 08 - Prince Calus Septim V:

*Septim clones arrive and massacre everything in sight, except themselves.

[[OOC: Today is National post in a totally dead thread day!!! Not really, but still!]]

02:42:39 Mar 2nd 08 - Ms. Geneva:

~The pain on her right arm is now numbing her senses, she then thrusts her palm to the ground, and unleashes the demon worms. The demon worms consumes septim's clones. She then looks at septim with a grin.~

"Go my precious pets! Dinner has been served!!!"

~A spine chilling cackle as she lunges toward septim who is already surrounded with the demon worms.~

02:48:08 Mar 2nd 08 - Prince Calus Septim V:

Septim-24642625434544 dies, and the field is bombed with SP@M bombers, all of the worms die, and another Septim commander marches from his plane while the rest of them arrive by transport.

"Eri-Geneva...prepare to DISCO!!!"

*Septim dances, and will probably die in the next post.

10:48:30 Mar 3rd 08 - Sir Salaracen Vineraven:

"You Septim are most certainly going to die in this post!!!
Death by dance that is!!!"

*all of the dark elf warriors(somehow alive) start doing the Thriller towards septim's clone dudes*

Like this...

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