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Rebirth of Carrothia
20:09:16 May 3rd 07 - Prince Insomaniak:

After the armageddon had swept across the lands of fantasia and the dust settled, a dark figure stood tall on top of the ancient ruins of Solaz. He looked at the dustcovered landscape surrounding him and he smiled as if it was the first time he saw something he thought to be beautiful.

Small rays of sunlight occasionally broke through the blackened clouds, thereby touching his dark leatherlike skin gently. Seemingly this creature was more then a mere mortal being, on his back winglike shapes could be seen in the faint rays of light. Feathers however were abscent on these wings, rough leather skin was covering what was to be seen. Even the eyes looked different then most of the known creatures had, this being looked upon the world through bright green eyes. It was almost as if they emitted an eerie greenish glow with every breath the strange creature took. Little was known of a species which looked like this, although in stories of old and longforgotten times there had been fables about a demonrace. Supposedly there was one amongst them that traveled between worlds, gathering knowledge about dark rituals and black magic when suddenly he simply vanished. The strangest thing however was that at about the exact same time the Abydonian province of Carrothia was founded, ruled by a terrifying and brutal warlord. After one era a distant templecity called Solaz was build and the inhabitants of Carrothia were forced to worship an ancient god of darkness, as well as to participate in ancient rituals. More and more eras passed by and the people of Carrothia seemingly forgot about the temple and the rituals. Slowly Solaz turned into what the creature is standing on top of today, a ruined temple of ancient evilworshipping.

Suddenly the sun broke through the clouds and lit up the entire temple, the creature spread his leatherskinned wings and spoke words in ancient tongue. An explosion of bright green light followed from beneath him, leveling trees, rocks and the ruined temple itself. After another set of ancient words the ground beneath the demonic creature opened up, fountains of green smoke spew out of the cracked earth. Slowly the landscape began to change, with the strange being acting as its central powersource. As the ritual reached its climax, shapes of towers and such became more and more visible. The ritual performed was merely a tool in order to rebuild the dreaded temple of ancient times, making this creature nothing less then the horrible demon of which the ancient fables spoke al these eras. With a last blinding flash the ritual came to its end, giving birth to a new temple which now towered above the landscape.

The demon stood near a huge throne located in the back o*beep*reat hall of pillars, as he sat down the temple started to radiate a green glow. A satisfied yet evil smile was to be seen on the dark face of the demon as he looked towards the ritual altar located in the center of the hall. He had been reborn by the power of destruction itself, only to spread death and decay in whatever direction his armies will go. The Abydonian province of Carrothia has once again risen from the ashes and its demonic ruler will ensure victory by ruthless annihilation of the infidels that dare to hinder him in achieving his evil goals...

20:10:54 May 3rd 07 - Lord Senturu:

dude can baraly read it

20:40:03 May 3rd 07 - Duke Sobek:

/me slaps senturu ... Stop the nagging booyy!

And Carroth, you keep the ancient Egypt God theme alive in Abydos :-)

22:22:56 May 3rd 07 - Lord Senturu:

/me slaps Sobek and Insomaniak

boo abydos hurray beer

22:24:05 May 12th 07 - Demonic Shezmu:

hurray Carrothian Beer, yay! Abydos! :P

/me slaps Senturu a whole lot with a gigantic pink whale!

22:55:01 May 12th 07 - Lord Senturu:

/me slaps shezmu with a 2x4

i kill u with SPLINTERS

22:58:26 Jun 28th 07 - Mr. Wolfsword:

yay beer...arigato XD

05:03:03 Jun 29th 07 - Mr. Goldmeister:

Old topic Dude-Meister

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