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01:30:42 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

Thus will be a roleplaying type cafe' sort of like starbucks. I will need the following as people

1. Owner- me

2. manager-sits back an relaxes and makes sure everyone is doing his or her job 

3. waiter-serve the drinks

4. waiter-serve the drinks

5. waiter-serve the drinks

6. waitress-serve the drinks

7. waitress-serve the drinks

8. cashier-collect money

9. cashier-collect money

10. cleaner- cleans up after a custemor

start sending your applications for the positions

Also i will be adding more positions such as chefs for cooking meals as opposed to only making coffee

the chefs will only be put up after the cafe' does well

say what position you would like and when they are full we will start

01:32:52 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

Caramel - .35¢     Espresso Shot - .55¢     Flavor Shot - .55¢

Coffee & Coffee Drinks
Coffee of the Day
Regular and Decaf
$1.40 $1.60 $1.70
Caffé Latte
Espresso & steamed milk
$2.55 $3.10 $3.40
Caffé Americano
Espresso & hot water
$1.75 $2.05 $2.40
White Chocolate Mocha
White chocolate flavored version of our classic Caffé Mocha
$3.20 $3.75 $4.00
Caffé Mocha
Espresso, cocoa, steamed milk & whipped cream
$2.75 $3.30 $3.55
Espresso, steamed & foamed milk
$2.55 $3.10 $3.40
Caramel Macchiato
Foamed milk marked with espresso, vanilla & real caramel
$2.80 $3.40 $3.65
Iced Drinks
Iced Caffé Latte
Espresso & milk poured over ice
$2.55 $3.10 $3.50
Iced Caffé Mocha
Espresso & steamed milk
$2.75 $3.30 $3.70
Iced Caffé Americano
Espresso & water poured over ice
$1.75 $2.05 $2.50
Iced White Chocolate Mocha
White Chocolate, Espresso,
& milk over ice
$3.20 $3.75 $4.15
Iced Caramel Macchiato
Espresso, milk & vanilla over ice, & topped with real caramel
$2.80 $3.40 $3.80
Tazo® Iced Chai Latte
Lightly sweetened black teas, spices & milk served over ice
$2.70 $2.95 $3.35

Tazo® Iced Tea
Traditional black tea blend - crisp & refreshing

$1.25 $1.40 $1.70
Mayfield ice cream, milk, and espresso blended to a milkshake consistency
Milk, espresso, and any of our list of
flavors blended into a smooth, creamy delight
Starbucks espresso roast, smooth & satisfying
$1.45 $1.75  
Espresso Macchiato
Espresso gently marked with foam
$1.45 $1.75  
Espresso Con Panna
Espresso topped with whipped cream
$1.45 $1.75  
Coffee Alternatives
Tazo® Chai Latte
Lightly sweetened black teas & spices, steamed with milk
$2.70 $2.95 $3.35
Tazo® Hot Tea
Black tea blend - A variety of flavors are available
$1.15 $1.65 $1.70
Hot Chocolate
The finest cocoa, blended with
hot milk
$2.20 $2.45 $2.70
Steamed Cider
Rich apple cider steamed to perfection - now in stock year-round
$1.75 $2.00 $2.25
Steamed Milk
Whole, 2% & non-fat
Add a shot or two of any of our
flavors to give it a kick*
$2.00 $2.25 $2.50
Fountain Drink
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mellow Yellow, Dr. Pepper or Minute Maid Lemonade
$1.00 $1.50
Made with delicious Mayfield
® Ice Cream. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, or Flavor of the Month

Coke Float
Coke and Mayfield® Ice Cream.
Try it blended.


01:34:16 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:



Bottled Frappuccino®
Vanilla, mocha or coffee flavor

Bottled Drinks



Starbucks Doubleshot®
Regular, Lemon, and Strawberry
Vault® $1.40    
Coca-Cola Blãk ® $1.40    
Power Aid®
Lemon-lime, Mountain Blast, and
Fruit Punch

Pro Slammers®
Hard Chocolate

Bottled Juice
Apple or Orange
Full Throttle ®
Regular and Fury varieties
  *Add a shot of flavor to any of our drinks - $0.55 per flavor
Almond Creme de Mint
Amaretto Hazelnut
Caramel Irish Creme
Cherry Raspberry



(Regular and Sugar-Free)

01:34:56 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

We Proudly Brew Starbucks® Coffee
Our Logo

(Edited by Mr. Pesterd 3/29/2007 1:35:22 AM)

02:49:31 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Ignirista Meyfo:

cool i would like to be a waiter

02:50:21 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Sicilious Mash:

i would also lik to be a waiter if possible i like the idea of this also

03:08:37 Mar 29th 07 - Ms. Quietone:

you should name the products after players in the game :P  just a thought

04:04:26 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

lol, sounds interesting...I call manager! Sweet! Now, to sit back and enjoy the fun...

04:43:21 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

lol as manager the owner splits the profits

owner- me

manager- atreides

waiter-ignirista meyfo

waiter-sicilious mash

we need some more waiters come on people i know you want thos coffees

also quiet tone i like your idea but would you like to be someone??

05:10:06 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Lelouch The Black Prince:

I would like to buy a Espresso Macchiato.

I would also like to apply to be the cleaner.

12:12:57 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

ok since the store did not yet open you can come in as a vip and talk with the owner "would you like something to drink?" o yes macchiato coming right up

owner- me

manager- atreides

waiter-ignirista meyfo

waiter-sicilious mash


copy and paste the list....

12:22:14 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Ignirista Meyfo:

wait Mr. Pesterd i will serve this nice gentelman take a seat please*makes the macciato with a lot of pride and care and hands it to the customer*

14:02:49 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Lelouch The Black Prince:

"My god! This tastes awful! And what was with that waiter! Took him half an hour to make me my drink and it's still bad! Waiter! There's a bug in my drink! And hair too! I want my money back! I want to see the manager!"


14:51:56 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Hungrier Horse:

Hungrier Horse trots in, scoffs at Pesterd, ejaculates all over his face and trots off.

"Get cleaning, washer woman"

14:56:30 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Lelouch The Black Prince:

*Lelouch sneaked on top of Hungrier horse while it was busy ejaculating and shoots it's balls off with his shotgun.*

23:15:26 Mar 29th 07 - Sir Scientist:

"I wanna be a waitress"

*Puts on his nicest dress*

23:49:32 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

sorry the manager is sick now i will make sure to get the hair removal filter* brings in a box* i got it lelouch it is now safe to order your drink here is your money back and sorry for the inconvieniance

23:56:59 Mar 29th 07 - Mr. Lelouch The Black Prince:

"You fixed the hair problem but what about the taste?! It's awful! God awful!! Arrcchhhkkk!!!t5543efrfawa43!"

*Lelouch runs around in circles in front of the cash register holding his throat.*

00:20:49 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Atriedes trips the fool running around in circles holding his throat. Ok everyone, the manager is back. So, how's business been going while I was sick?

00:35:27 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Atreides:


*Lelouch tries to beat up Atreides but fails miserably*

"Hmm...that's not very nice now. YOU'RE FIRED YOU *beep*ING BASTARD!!"


01:24:18 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

good job he is fired now lets kick him out of our store*hires the top coffee maker in the world* he will be jealous when he sees everyone loves our coffee he  wil regret it

01:30:48 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Sicilious Mash:

ok *tastes a cup of coffee* boss i dont know what you did but this is amazing i say we start advertising for more customers this is amazing coffee!!

01:50:44 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Lelouch The Black Prince:

*Lelouch watches as Atreides hallucinate that he actually won the fight.*

"Wow, such a sad guy... Bah, I'm out of here, but just to tell you I put laxatives in the coffee and smeared feces all over the bathroom walls."

02:02:10 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

lol, I never said I won the fight....yea.....

Well Mash, you're right! We must start advertising! I think we need a new employee type, an adverting agent. What do you think boss?

03:37:24 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Ignirista Meyfo:

i like this idealets contact the boss and lelouch cleaned everything before he got fired stop making fun of our store now and never talk here again!!
(Edited by Mr. Ignirista Meyfo 3/30/2007 3:38:24 AM)

03:43:15 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Sicilious Mash:

yes me 2 he will just go around doing what though hard to implement it unless he goes to every thread look at starbucks lol

13:11:12 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Ignirista Meyfo:

Zues this is a coffee shop if you dont have anything to contribute then dont post*rebuilds the building and resserects every one *

and zeus dont be annoying

13:43:16 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

ahh yes i see a *beep* spamming in our store *kicks him out so hard he forgot his name* your not welcome here!

14:50:06 Mar 30th 07 - Sir Salaraca:

mmm, coffe made of laxatives....
*salaraca writes down how good store is for his new magazine
mmm, zues is *beep*tard spammer

(zues you seriously need to grow up)))

18:39:04 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

thank you salaraca hopefully your new magazine will attract many custemors 

18:59:28 Mar 30th 07 - Mr. Sicilious Mash:

*sicilious mash runs in* pesterd i would like to congradulate you, our coffee is the best coffee in the world, look at the line *quickly turns his head and look at around 50 heads waiting to get coffee* see look your coffee is amazing
(Edited by Mr. Sicilious Mash 3/30/2007 6:59:55 PM)

02:43:52 Mar 31st 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Sweet! 50 people! Crap, we don't have a cashier...

02:44:28 Apr 1st 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

dont worry atreides i have found a very well trained cashier and he will be taking care of the business and dont forget to fire all those that dont do their jobs

11:02:49 Apr 2nd 07 - Mr. Tsufar:

*walks by the store and sees it*



*Comes in happily and sits down*


"Waiter!!!!! One of your finest Apple juice please...Oh yeah, and one of your Steamed grande size please."

(Edited by Mr. Tsufar 4/2/2007 11:07:31 AM)

15:41:22 Apr 2nd 07 - Sir Salaraca:

*salaraca walks out of the starbucks, turns around and looks at the starbucks.
"now thats a coffe shop"
*looks at all 68 other starbucks shops next to it

15:45:18 Apr 2nd 07 - Ms. Minerva:

errr can i be the pole dancer, but no lap dancing

15:54:27 Apr 2nd 07 - Mr. Pesterd:

ok*mr. atreidas* - take over the shop for now im taking a vacationn brake and visiting colorado to open another branch of starbucks

minerva u got the job we pay 20 dollars and hour

15:57:44 Apr 2nd 07 - Ms. Minerva:

thats about £10 in england yeh, cool thats more then i get atm, lol

16:02:25 Apr 2nd 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

coming to colorado? hey, great news! i would love to try a starbucks out here, most beautiful colorado!

09:25:32 Apr 4th 07 - Mr. Tsufar:

"Hey WAITER!!!!!! Where is my order!!!!"

14:14:40 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Izual:

(walks in and looks around) Whoa, so this is starbucks... (takes a seat and reasds a book) Coffee please.

16:05:28 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

I'd like to apply as a cashier :)

16:10:25 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Tsufar: First you have to order something...then we'll get if for you.

Izual: So, what would you like?

Manuel: What are your qualifications? Actually, it doesn't really matter. Since we don't have anyone right now, you're hired.

16:12:58 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

*thinks to himself* mwahaha i have a to occasionally steal some up and buy all the VU market then sell at a much more expensive i'm a genius.

*talks out loud again* "When do i start boss?

16:19:20 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Well...since I now realize you have very evil intentions, I can't let you work here.....................................................unless.....there's some money in it for know what I'm saying..

20:35:55 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

Hey you didn't hear that i was thinking it.

Unless your physic, in that case i'll "accidently" leave my suitcase at work every week. Catch my drift?

20:37:17 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

NO!!! Are you trying to bribe me??!! OMG!! I can't believe you would try that!! I'm going to have to sue you for millions...unless I find 2 suitcases....

20:59:07 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

Well i need a certain size suitcase for my What size do you think boss?

21:13:09 Apr 5th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Size: the biggest they have!

That should do...

06:41:04 Apr 6th 07 - Sir Salaracen:

hey i ordered a burito from here, i want  my burito!!!

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