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Send an e-mail

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The guides

The guides are awesome experienced players that are willing to help you out.

Characters: Mr. Heroix (Qua)
Mr. Nephalem (Fantasia)
Characters: Ice Prince Zephyr (Talents)
Marquess Esmeralda (Qua)
Prince Akifusa (Valhalla)
Characters: Lord Dragon (Fantasia)
Lord Ragnar The Great (Zetamania)
Lord Kellaine (Mantrax)
Lord Mighty Dragon (Nirvana)
Lord Son of Dragon (Starta)
Sir Baldisar (Armageddon)
Lord Sairys (Valhalla)
Lord Sly (Armageddon)
Duke Elron The Great (Qua)

Characters: Lord Horus (Zetamania)
Mr. Prolapse (Mantrax)
Mr. Polymer (Nirvana)
Mr. Panic (Qua)

Read the guides section

Many guides can be found in the guide section of the forum.

Message the game Admin

Feel free to message the game admin.

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