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Name: Candlewax
Members: 4
Created: 8/8/2019 3:19:02 PM
Leader: Mr. Draiken

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We are accepting applications from members for next era. To apply for a spot in Candlewax for next era please send Draiken a message titled Kingdom Application.
Please include:

1- What kingdoms have you played in and under what ruler name?

2- What races have you played, and which race do you find your skills excel at the most?

3- How long you have played?

4- Why do you want to join Candlewax?

5- Give me a rough summary of what VU is and how the game is played?

We are missing Leaders & Players played this great kingdom. However, we are back and ready to take on all challengers.

Currently accepting applications. When applying please include:
1- Can you play Halfling, if you're asked?
2- How many eras you played with Halfling? (If any)
3- What role you prefer when playing Halfling?
4- What sceinces set you prefer for that role?


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