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Name: Flames
Members: 2
Created: 11/10/2010 9:37:35 PM
Leader: Mr. Fafnir The Old

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I"m an old vet who"se back after many years. I"m playing again...just having fun and re-figuring out the game. If you want to join, just shoot me an app and I"ll accept.

I"m not super active or anything, but if you"re a newb and you"re willing to learn I will teach you the ropes of the game.

Just so I know what I"m getting into answer these questions...
Eras Played:
KDs been in:
Previous Names:
Favorite Race (+why):
Strategy (attacker, defender, mage):
Why do you want to join this Kingdom in particular:

Just remember if you join it"s at your own risk. I"m not super active, but as I said I"m willing to teach.

If you got through all of that and still want to join I"ll be seeing the application later, otherwise thanks for reading and see you on the battlefield!


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