ahoy P I R A T E S ahead

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Name: ahoy P I R A T E S ahead
Members: 11
Created: 10/22/2019 7:19:30 PM
Leader: Mr. Seaweed Capn Salaajar

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//Your character Mr. Seaweed Capn Salaajar is the 1st most powerful ruler in Mantrax//

"Ahoy, Me Hearties n' Sprogs!

Wantin' to confer wit' yer fellow Cap'ns n' sail wit' us, on all matters o' raidin', plunderin', parley, wench breedin', mermaid hunting, terms o' surrender n' other sundry acts o' piracy! Well, 'tis easy as fallin' overboard! All ye be needin' t' do be bribe us wit' a pair of grogs, sea-parrot roast, one captive wench, strumpet, three gold coins, four pair of fresh water cuttlefish, mermaid-trap & seaweeds. Yo ho hooo hooooo!

Scrawl away, ye scallywags!
Cap'n Salajaar o' all pirates o' fortune signig off"

Rules of the Inn:
No stealing. No banging on table. No cockfighting. No dogs in kitchen.

Inn Terms:
Bed for the night ... ... ... 1 shilling
Lend captive wench in bed for the night ... ... ... 5 shilling
Lend captive mermaid in bed for the night ... ... ... 35 shilling
Lend strumpet for the night ... ... ... 2 shilling
Booty safe-keeping ... ... ... 1 shilling
Night feast party ... ... ... half shilling
Two pair of grogs ... ... ... half shilling
Stabling for horse ... ... ... 4 pence


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