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The Time
01:58:44 Jul 19th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

Visual Utopia is a real time game, meaning that it is continually running, whether you are logged on or not. Every hour (60 minutes) is a new day in Visual Utopia.

With each new turn, your armies will move, units in training and buildings in construction will proceed a day closer to completion, and cities will grow and produce more resources and taxes.
Keep in mind that even though you are not logged on, others are, so checking in on your account regularly is a good way to avoid being surprise attacked by enemy forces. Your cities will produce and your army will walk even when you are not online!


Occasionally you will also receive Bonus Turns, which allow you to effectively gain a "free" day. This will give you the same effects as a new day, but only you are affected by it, putting you a day ahead of everyone else. In order to use these turns, click the "Bonus: #" button in the upper centre of your screen.

If you are logged out for over 12 hours you will receive a bonus turn! If you are logged out for over 24 hours you will NOT get two bonus turns, only one.
You can max store 3 bonus turns, if you have over 3 bonus turns, they will disappear after 24 hours.

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