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Dynamite disbanding
22:09:34 Oct 30th 09 - Mr. Augh:

I've not at all given this game the time that my team has deserved this past era. And I will not net era either. Its unsure wether the dynamite team(or whats left of it) will continue playing, but if they do it will be under a new name and with someone else as leader.
Its also unsure if I'll keep playing, or if I stop - if I start again. But I'll lurk here on the forums for sure.

Many thanks to everyone I've played with or against over the eras. Special mention of Scottology and Mcikan who I have played with for what, 5 years now? With an era or two out we must have gone on for atleast 15-20 toghether. Anyway, I hope we stay in touch =)

22:37:41 Oct 30th 09 - Sir Jungleboogie:

Good luck whatever you do Augh. Nice working with your kingdom this era.

I'dbe happy to take any of your guys into my kd for the next era. I'm sure they will all find a kd no problem.

Best wishes


22:41:30 Oct 30th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

ill take slade and your womenz

22:42:58 Oct 30th 09 - Grand Ape Donkey Kong:

See ya around Augh!

22:47:21 Oct 30th 09 - Mr. Ezatious:

rvl recruiting ;)

01:50:20 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

very sad news :(

i <3 BOOM,

01:52:24 Oct 31st 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

hey grand ape,  you rocked this era.  come to CRAZY if you want.  duke Nukem too.

01:53:46 Oct 31st 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

Slade is mine, back off

02:02:59 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Master Mind:

slade isn't anyones he is leaving...

02:12:50 Oct 31st 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:

Bye ;)

yours bff Penguin

02:28:01 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

Travel Well Augh and come back when you are bored :)

03:58:09 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Devastator:

Cya Augh, it was good playing with you ;(

07:01:44 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Suqah:

Domination is looking for recruits!

Evans, Seloc, Knish, Slave, Wraith, Branigans Law, Thomaas...


lots of people joined already :)


Also, sad to see you disbanding dynamite. Although I didn't really get to play with/against you. You seemed quite warlike :)

07:09:02 Oct 31st 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

KBW will be moving up in the world system and will be looking for more members as well.

Just a suggestion, it will be a permanent recreation and if you ever want to be involved in the kingdom now would be a good choice in timing.

08:00:12 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Royal Flush:

Aww man :/
I've had the honour playing with you for um.. 3-4 eras I think
And I was with you when you won your era :)

Sorry things couldn't have turned out better between me and the kingdom, I might have still been in there

Goodluck with whatever you do Augh!


12:13:02 Oct 31st 09 - Sir Guybrush Threepwood:

Was nice to meet you and to play in your Kingdom for a couple of eras Augh. Enjoy winning your real life back and have a good one.

12:31:16 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Augh:

Thanks for all the kind words. Send me more pms please. With sexual content. I will only reply to pms with sexual content.

like this:

Mr. Ezatious (10/30/2009 10:49:51 PM) GOOD BAD
 :) love you


Mr. Master Mind (10/31/2009 5:43:43 AM) GOOD BAD
Augh come join my buttfest

23:51:00 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Qassim:

Bye augh thx for a great war this era :D

00:20:13 Nov 1st 09 - Junior Guildmaster Dragon:

Augh, return soon.  will miss you.

GoTF will harbor any of Dynomite untili your return if they wish it.

00:36:15 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Master Mind:

lol everybody wants us dynamite players...

00:48:26 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Radical Innocent:

Bye Augh , hope u come back someday (:

02:30:08 Nov 1st 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Bye Augh and btw i love the screen shot

it made me lol

02:34:03 Nov 1st 09 - Sir Hammy The Squirrel:

I'll still stalk you every now and then, Augh... :)


12:52:37 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Augh:

Mr. Devastator (11/1/2009 6:01:31 AM) GOOD BAD

i had to say something lol
You (11/1/2009 12:23:20 PM)
only if you are the bee
Mr. Devastator (11/1/2009 12:41:42 PM) GOOD BAD
I'm a bee with a very large stinger ;)

15:05:42 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Scottology:

:-( this is a sad day for all
inactivty seems to have been the downfall of our once great kingdom lol

18:00:13 Nov 1st 09 - Grand Ape Donkey Kong:

I'll miss you all! Good luck all you Ex Dynamiters :)

18:18:08 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

jag är överens med dig squirrel, han for inte sluta spela :( för många slutar nuförtiden.

18:46:55 Nov 1st 09 - Lady Kittie Croft:

Augh! Been a pleasure playing with u..


in every way : XD

Kong! Where u going?? DAM SCHOOL! no more monkey business???


19:07:41 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Nathaniel The Great: pulse guys trying to recruit some BOOM? I am prob not the one to recruit some BOOM but if you would like to join NO PULSE, just send an app.

21:04:54 Nov 1st 09 - Grand Ape Donkey Kong:

ya kitty, i'm taking at least this era off =P you guys aren't talking me into 'Filling Blockers' again. because that never happened :P

21:07:18 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Kronos:

biohazard is loking for members and will gladly hold members of boom until the kingdom returns

21:11:48 Nov 1st 09 - Lady Kittie Croft:


waddaya mean... I did nothing. I ... uh.. was over there --------->

<----------------------- and there....

all I saw was Giant apes killing stuff (okok and  friggin blockers)
.... O.o

this time.... all we want u to do is to get on skype O:)... LIKE NOW!


21:14:05 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Royal Flush:

I put a 10'er on Kittie Croft being a bloke.

00:05:30 Nov 2nd 09 - Sir Guybrush Threepwood:

yay free money. i take your bet.

00:34:51 Nov 2nd 09 - Grand Ape Donkey Kong:

it's weird seeing you guys under a green banner :P

01:25:49 Nov 2nd 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

are you giving odds on those two making it to end of era under that banner?

14:37:41 Nov 3rd 09 - Lady Kittie Sherezade:

kong! <3

16:08:12 Nov 3rd 09 - Junior Guildmaster Dragon:

I thought BOOM was disbanding.

If you do, then I would invite its members to join GoTF. We are on Valhalla with you and so it would kind of make sense.

17:07:17 Nov 3rd 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

i agree Kong :) it is weird, i am still getting used to mine :)

good luck all boom members, whereever you are :) but good luck to me the most hehehe

17:31:36 Nov 3rd 09 - Ms. Natalie Portman:

GoTF, I'm under the impression you have a signed NAP with BOOM, am I correct?

20:37:20 Nov 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

LOL Kittie is a woman, I have her on facebook and have been in skype calls with her a loooong time ago. a lot of women came from warbook.

21:01:00 Nov 3rd 09 - Ms. Jennaside:

would love to see some of my old friends join me in rvl :)

21:01:26 Nov 3rd 09 - Ms. Jennaside:

we have cookies

21:04:41 Nov 3rd 09 - Ms. Natalie Portman:

noes. join the only kd led by a wimmin. dominations.

21:19:36 Nov 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

I want Jenna to join crazy, and she better bring her awesome dog too, (not msk) and bring Msk. LOL

21:26:10 Nov 3rd 09 - Ms. Jennaside:

looks around for attack dog

21:27:54 Nov 3rd 09 - Ms. Natalie Portman:

woff woff

21:43:34 Nov 3rd 09 - Lady Kittie Sherezade:

/me pounces on saiyan <3

 and Im sad to say,  no I am not a woman... I am ...a cat!

*insert twilight zone music*

21:44:30 Nov 3rd 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

Jill is mine

21:54:24 Nov 3rd 09 - Mr. Palp Lost His Marbles:

shut up Ryan she should join me in Crazy instead!

oh wait...


goes onto to ebay to see if he can pick up some cheap marbles...

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