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02:53:58 Jan 21st 11 - Mr. Darkmoore:

VU still crap or is it worth playing again?? ^_^

03:57:31 Jan 21st 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

crap :P

04:00:17 Jan 21st 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

Seems fine to me, just needs more players. :P

05:05:32 Jan 21st 11 - Mr. Percy II:

Theres no players cause its not very good anymore compared to what it used to be

07:55:03 Jan 21st 11 - Mr. Tyr Tokugawa:

only thing that is good atm is the race balance really...tho halfers are a bit to strong strong early and mid era.

11:18:30 Jan 21st 11 - Puppy Puppylicious:

The only thing I see wrong here is a bit of stagnation, to be honest. Even asthetic changes, like new maps, would help make the game seem more lively. 

A new race every now and again would do the same.

11:21:34 Jan 21st 11 - Mr. William Unawesome:

Or maybe even an active Zeta would help! :O!

11:52:11 Jan 21st 11 - Puppy Puppylicious:

That's kinda what I was hinting at. ;P

16:40:05 Jan 21st 11 - Mr. Friendly Forum User:

Nobody plays it anymore. Everybody has moved on.

16:50:13 Jan 21st 11 - Ms. Sexual Dee:

I think we used to have 150-200 players usually when you check... now its lower...

  • There are currently 77 players online.

But with the new characters system, 3 each makes it 231 characters currently active...

Many have quit, but there are still enough people, what this game needs are just a bit of updates, but since admin gave up, I dont see anything going forward... though the people that are still playing will most likely keep playing no matter what the game looks like.

17:48:56 Jan 21st 11 - Sir Horus XIII:

I'm in this camp:

 though the people that are still playing will most likely keep playing no matter what the game looks like.

For better or worse

05:38:16 Jan 29th 11 - Sir Ozymandias Magus:

A lot of people are slowly getting frustrated by the lack of an active Admin, and the resultant effects, such as exploiting bugs or halfer exp feeding to name a few of the top of my head. Despite this, a fair number of players will remain as it is (in my opinion) one of the few online games with such a good forum community.

05:40:29 Jan 29th 11 - Mr. Eirian Draconis III:

You forgot to mention what happened in Talents :D

I wasn't there for that era though... Thank goodness x_x

06:08:17 Jan 29th 11 - Mr. Reitvondracu:


09:10:19 Jan 29th 11 - Mr. Barny:

The gameplay itself has not declined, and is in fact much better then it was in the past. The game is more balanced and engaging then it ever has been, even in the "golden age" of VU. That said, the game itself has declined. The lack of an active admin has led to stagnation in a game where 1/2 the fun was adapting to the changes that were made every era. On top of that, the community has declined as well both in quantity and quality, and the lack of an active admin has only compounded the problem.

Players are starting to leave at a much greater rate then they are coming in. As Horus put it, the players that still remain will probably stay no matter what happens.

One of the great things about Visual Utopia is that no era will ever be the same, even if you play the same way every era. The game appeals to a niche group of players, but for those that it does appeal to it can stay interesting for a very long time. 

As Ozy pointed out, the lack of an active admin has led to far greater issues then just stagnation. Dishonorable or frowned upon actions that were uncommon 20 or 30 eras ago are starting to become far more common now that people realize that there is no admin around to punish them and not much of a community left to police itself.

09:16:17 Jan 29th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Do you guys remember Great Walls? or the old map?... or even when the worlds were all joined? I miss those days....

09:46:29 Jan 29th 11 - Mr. Xanatos The Conquerer:

oh yea i remember when the gates were the make/break a kingdom place and the old map they shoulda kept on a world or two

06:27:59 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Playstation Dude:

How could you not like the old system of building up your income? as well as how the kingdoms had to actually work as a team instead of almost going solo like now days. Merges and walls made things soooo much fun.

07:28:31 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Inception:

In my opinion, those were the golden days of VU, and it should be restored. That was when VU was the funnest

08:26:23 Feb 5th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

Merges seemed to remove the need for any real activity and walls seem pointless with how the current map is structured.......

10:27:11 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Tyr Tokugawa:

Walls and merges fevoured the average VU player, and it forced people to work more in a team. The only ones complaining about walls and merges are the greedy solo players who only wanna do good themselves.

10:37:28 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Playstation Dude:

actually, back then there was a bigger difference between the average player and the elite player than right now. This is mainly due to the old income system though.

And working in a team IS a lot more fun. It made kingdoms hanging out in chatrooms together very very important, and you saw so many screenshots being posted in the forums with a current plan and often an overall plan too. Everyone used to be very active on the forums posting their opinions on the plan and such. Doesn't anyone remember how fun the old days were, and how the fun plummeted when merges were removed?

10:47:34 Feb 5th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

Honestly, I don't see how that's true. It favored pure numbers and with the current blocker mechanics, it simply does not make sense. It'd made putting up blockers a laughable effort in futility. lol

Not to mention, people being able to merge their troops into someone's one scout and bam. He gets free units, eliminating any need for the person to be there as well as discouraging the need for superior tactics over numbers. 

Numbers are already an advantage, merging would merely make it a necessity and you know what. Give more or any really active player a bunch of hardly active newblets who just farm and train up troops for the main guy and it can quickly turn into a solo effort anyway. 

It's not teamwork when it removes the need for ones own input in moving their own armies. lol

Great walls are honestly not needed at all, with the current map. We just need more maps that have natural blocking features. 

10:54:23 Feb 5th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

Edit: "me or any active player"

fook sake, I can't type. You guys should get what I mean though. lol

11:08:56 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Playstation Dude:

I'm not fully sure how a lot of things work atm because i have not really played since 2007 I played an era in 2008, & 2 early 2010. Now's my first era since.

And back then a kingdom full in inactive newbs were easy prey for more active kingdoms, like now. And merges were very very very slow. If you merged up at your own core, it would take literally several real life days to reach the enemy blocker. Whereas if everyone moved up close, then merged up, they could be at the enemy blocker within 24 hours, thus giving the enemy less time to get ready. I do wonder if you only started playing around when merges & walls were removed, and never even had the chance to play in an organised kingdom back then. With the way your making out the merges to be.

11:26:30 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Barny:

The days when Great Walls and Merges were in-game are usually agreed to be the golden ages of VU, but it's important to note that that the game wasn't so good back then because of superior game mechanics. The community was a lot better, there were a lot more players, and there were a lot more skilled/active players. Have you seen the old Fantasia Era (insert number)  threads? They are a good representation of how active and involved the community was.

As far as Merges, Great Walls, and the Income system went; they fit well with the system of the past but wouldn't fit into the game right now. You couldn't just take 1 of those mechanics and try to force it into the game. The old income system was quite unforgiving, if you spent 24 ticks of income on troops instead of land then you would be considerably further behind someone who was farming then you would be in the current state of the game. On top of that, the timeframe in which it was effective to farm was exponentially larger then it is today. These days you can easily just farm through OOP and then pump 100% and be extremely effective, but back then you essentially had to farm for the entire duration of the era to be effective, and the way that troop costs scaled with land contributed to this as well as many other factors. Of course, having a lower income meant less because of merges.

Merges were necessary because of the way defense worked. On the old map, cores were not as adaptable as the are on the current map. There were clearly defined parts of the map that could be blocked off easily, and areas that could not. If you look at the old map you will see what I mean, there was pretty much 1 core layout that every kingdom used. Great Walls made it so that EVERY war front was essentially a blocker/merge war, and due to the way that walls/Bless/Magic Defense/Troop Upkeep worked, blockers were extremely hard to break.

The game played at a snail's pace and the only kingdoms that were ever competitively viable were kingdoms with around 20ish members, the average size of a kingdom back then. Merges moved incredibly slow and took time for everyone to join, merge prep times on blockers were extremely long, and the actual game mechanics associated with anything but OOP were much more slow paced than they are today.

Once again, I want to assert that the game wasn't better back then because of game mechanics. Most players today never played the game back then, they couldn't imagine a Visual Utopia where the community made the game so good, so they assume that these game mechanics that they have never even tried made the game better.

These days if an era on Fantasia lasts 1000 ticks people go apeshit and complain about how the era has been dragged on to a point that it is no longer enjoyable. In the past, there were eras that would last 1000 ticks where the only thing that 2 kingdoms would do is mass troops in a blocker, merge into an army within the blocker, and sit there looking at the enemy blocker all era long.

12:22:22 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

I want Great Walls because 90% of the time a blocker doesn't block! Not everyone can afford the Scout Terrain function. :P And I want the old map at least on 1 world so I can have a character play on it, cos I'm getting bored of the current map. And we all know it'll be a while before there's a new map. :P So what's so hard about putting the old map on one world?






12:37:44 Feb 5th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

One thing a lot forget to look at, Barny, is the effect of the community on game enjoyment. lol

It's easier to point at the difference in game mechanics as the reason. 

19:00:28 Feb 6th 11 - Mr. Soda Popinski:

Dear Barny,
Were you playing VU during the great wall eras?

Soda Popinskin

23:38:57 Feb 7th 11 - Mr. William Unawesome:

Great wall eras.. you didn't even need a defendable area, just get some slaves build your big walls into the " unbreachable" position.. awesome, just awesome, nobody could reach your core even if they threw a gazillion merges against your ass .. if we had great-walls these days with an in-active zeta the game would die quicker then a snail in a salt mine :p

05:18:51 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Xanatos The Crazy:

yea pretty much i agree with ya on that one unless does the spell ownage work on enemy city's?

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