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Returning Fant KDS
01:39:49 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Scarred:

Dark Fires is here with new confidence and with mroe experience. Now the full brunt of the ex-members of Earth Peace has joined together and with some serious binding from reserve Legacy members we will rise to become one of the best.

02:29:07 Mar 24th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Alright what is up with the DF? Natalia keeps telling me that her best friend Fizban is coming up to wipe out IE and help Dark Fires. She keeps sending us lies and it is really anoying. You don't need to do so, if you were just honest and honrable then things would work out better.

02:41:36 Mar 24th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Sorry for "angry" post. A little mad :P (RL)

But to clear things up, the only reason that IE attacked DF was because it was end of era after arma was casted, and it looked as if it was a set cast. If this caused any unwanted feelings in DF towards IE, I am sorry and aplogize. However, I do not regret our decision, I would have felt bad had era ended, as I am all for new Kingdoms and helping them. But if LGC truly is helping you, then you need no help of IE. : )

Good luck with DF Natalia and sorry for calling you Natalie early on :P

03:15:41 Mar 24th 07 - Duke Salamon:


Going TO Build Brainania

Commander: Sir Brain
Kingdom: Dark Fires
Size: Scout (1-5)
Status: Camping



11:05:34 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Kassius Xiv:

luks like its sumtymes tym of the month :P nae problem arzun evry1 likes a bit o fun at the end of the era :) true we do have friends from legacy we just wanted to see if you would like to bcome allies too no hard feelings :)

13:03:07 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Larry Loverod:

LGC has nothing to do with it, fyi.

Afaik, Fizban was the only LGC member to have joined their kingdom, and from what I've gathered, he'll be returning to LGC come next era.

13:23:19 Mar 24th 07 - Sir Brain:

I'm advising currently. However, I'll be back on the Legacy front lines come Sunday. Just think of the Americans and the South Vietnamese, and you'll have the right idea.

19:42:38 Mar 24th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Fizban, advisor of many : )

12:52:46 Mar 25th 07 - Ms. Natalia:

huh? men, also i'm chained to brain so i have to follow ;-)... yeah

12:57:57 Mar 25th 07 - Ms. Natalia:

one sec

*slap sir arzun* HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A LIAR, stupid men!!!

i'm gonna make an all woman kd, not only do men take what i say the wrong way they tell everyone else, plus if i didn't detel that msg arzun i'd show you i never said he was helping only heading north... at least i think thats what i said i was a bit pissed then. anyway next person that called me a liar will not rest in peace, if you get what i mean.

15:00:35 Mar 25th 07 - Mr. Warlo:

can i join? i liek being with all women;)

18:38:20 Mar 25th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Natalia I called you a liar because you sent me a bunch of random didgets claiming they were your science levels. Not only were they pointless and a waste of money, but you never would have had the recources to get them.

19:38:15 Mar 25th 07 - Mr. The Viking:

Come to my house, I have a good meeting room for the all woman kd where we can discuss politics and other things  ;)

17:17:55 Mar 26th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

lol my little bro did that he's a horrible thing but they where real so stop calling me a liar i know what i'm doing and how to do it. plus i can't be a liar i have been bought up on the basis that truth is the best so please just shut your mouth before i showing that i wasn't lying, yes warlo you can.

btw i am natalia

18:15:44 Mar 26th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

Viking what would be the "other things" be?, lol

19:26:00 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. The Viking:

Haha, gotcha!   You have to come to see

*Viking thinks*  'And that's one big fish in the net right there!'  ;) lol

19:59:20 Mar 26th 07 - Sir Fizban:

She would, but currently she's rather tied up at the moment. We can try to arrange another meeting with you later though.

20:20:58 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. The Viking:

Of course, when is the next spot available on your agenda?

20:38:57 Mar 26th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Let's see here, next opening is a threesome several weeks from now, we MIGHT be able to squeeze you in.

21:07:49 Mar 26th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Hehehe, funny pun ;P

22:46:33 Mar 26th 07 - Mr. The Viking:

Alright, all good for me then,  could you please check if there's another one open for arzun?  It's good doing business with you  ;)

09:56:28 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

hey!!!! now how to put this without getting it deleted, ok. I AM NOT FOR SALE.

10:25:48 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

actually *hides so fizban can't find her* i'll come out when i feel better unless you find me first.

As leader and sexy queen of Dark Fires i would like to say, I want to kick some MAD ass. hehe.

13:44:43 Mar 27th 07 - Lord Oya:

Fizban, that threesome your having better not invole one of my lovely still owe me tab money, your 3 weeks overdue!!

15:44:06 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:

MAD ass? interetesing minerva......................

16:25:48 Mar 27th 07 - Sir Fizban:

One of your sexy ladies? Heck, besides Pam and Noadea, I think I'm in with about all of them around VU.

*Fizban trades his dusty, old, grey wizard's cap for a pimp hat, and his staff for a pimp cane.*

18:03:00 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

i don't like pimps or whores their durty

18:14:13 Mar 27th 07 - Sir Fizban:

I was joking, good grief. I like playing up to stereotypes. Anyways, now that you've spoken up.

*picks the tied-up Minerva up, throws her over his shoulder and carries her off.*


18:20:20 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

lol, but they are they don't wash

*struggles for about 30 seconds then gives up* "where we going master?"

18:22:15 Mar 27th 07 - Sir Fizban:

I'm probably going to tie you up outside and let you hang there for a while, maybe it'll make the other guys stop and stare for a while to evaluate your sexiness for themselves. However, I'll be nearby so they can't touch you.

18:39:19 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

Could you at least pull my skirt bellow my knees first??? please. Actually could you just tie me up somewhere warm and privet, also comfy

18:52:58 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Warloii:

like my car??

18:57:44 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

*gets off fizbans shoulder unties herself and slaps Warloii. she then ties herself back up and climbs back over his shoulder* "NEVER"

18:58:30 Mar 27th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Are you trying to order me around?

*he pulls her skirt down below her knees, though probably not how she intends and then ties her hands up overhead as he settles down nearby with a book and a shotgun for those that try to get too close.*

19:01:16 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

Yes it was just directly this time *pulls her skirt up so shes not flashing her undies.* not why would you want to men to stare at me?

19:05:35 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Quietone:

you two need a private thread--- you've thrown this one so far off topic it needs a rating and vomit bags provided upon entry....

19:06:04 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

aww i though you liked this thing

19:07:09 Mar 27th 07 - Sir Fizban:

To make them jealous for when I take you back inside. ;-)

*though he wonders how she pulled her skirt up if her hands are tied up overhead, but this whole thread is crazy anyways.*


19:09:33 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

mind powers just like how i can read your thoughts... lol... *drinks some vodka* since your around i though if i get the "normal" effect i get when i drink you might want to take me inside sooner... damn my grammar is terrible

19:10:43 Mar 27th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Well, not today as I have to get back to work. Though I think after that incident a few of the guys would.

19:11:54 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Mind:

That's right. I helped a little bit. ;D

19:12:03 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

could you at least put me somewhere safe before you do, hello mind ;-) do you want to take me somewhere safe... now i've let my secret out
(Edited by Ms. Minerva 3/27/2007 7:13:33 PM)

19:14:58 Mar 27th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Well, I'll take you inside right now, if that's the case.

*picks up Minerva again, waves to Mind and takes Minerva away, and stops posting in the thread. lol*


19:17:40 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

In other words Quietone he wants to get away from you *takes mind with her* i like her can i keep her?
(Edited by Ms. Minerva 3/27/2007 7:19:11 PM)

19:20:22 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Mind:

Can I smoke insede Fizbian?
*Lights a cigarette.*

19:30:27 Mar 27th 07 - Ms. Minerva:

lol since he's not looking i can talk for him "yes"

19:40:27 Mar 27th 07 - Mr. Soccerplaya:


20:46:42 Mar 27th 07 - Lord Oya:

*takes quietone by the hand*

hey baby

*wanders off with her to the cove of passion*

21:14:20 Mar 27th 07 - Lord Osiris:

the cove? you call your box a cove?

02:15:25 Mar 28th 07 - Mr. The Viking:

Viking comes back  *'If anyone needs a bodyguard, I'm experienced in martial arts and very good boxer'*,    *shows his threatening punches on a punching bag while everyone is looking*

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