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VU better or worse
12:29:31 Jul 21st 12 - Prince Anonymous:

Have some spare time now days and was thinking of returning. However, I have not played VU at all in almost a year. Has it gotten any better, worse, or is it about the same?

12:41:59 Jul 21st 12 - Ms. Data:

It's awsome. Start playing again and decide for your self. Asking that question is just going to start another whine-fest without answering your question.

12:48:10 Jul 21st 12 - Death Dealer (Prince Anonymous):


your probably right about that

15:16:04 Jul 21st 12 - Mr. Aloysius:

welcome Anon. :P

02:14:44 Jul 22nd 12 - Ryan the Archion (Mr. Archblade The Bantam War):

Welcome back Anon, I hope you revive again AoA and join us again in MAD. :)

16:28:49 Jul 22nd 12 - Prince Pesterd:

Welcome back Anon, I returned also this past era. I am enjoying it. 

It isn't like the Good ol'e days but you can never really leave VU... You know the deal.

21:38:50 Jul 22nd 12 - kevdwayne (Prince Kevdwayne):

Hello Anon!  Nice to see you and all the 'old timers' posting here.  I was gone for a good amount of time, always enjoyed the game and playing again is enjoyable. As Pesterd said, it is not the 'Good ole days', anything but (just check the forum posts or lack there of to see that) however, it is VU and it fulfills the hunger.  ;)

04:50:19 Jul 23rd 12 - Lord Leviathan:

Welcome back Anon!

13:21:30 Jul 29th 12 - Mr. Ancient Abasiouny:

YO YO KEvi , and anon :D . it suck in comparison of old days :D .

13:42:17 Jul 29th 12 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

ancient basio... you gotta get yourself into the roc reunion! all we need is mcmax and JD

15:19:50 Jul 29th 12 - Mr. Gustav:

Peacekeepers still kicking around somewhere? :o Haven't played since the era of leo and making a late return :T

23:49:33 Jul 30th 12 - Grim (Lord Old Fat And Lazy):

Nope, I shut down Peacekeepers a couple of era ago.

23:58:32 Aug 15th 12 - Death Dealer (Prince Anonymous):

Thanks for the welcome guys and it is nice to see some old friends/players still playing VU.

It looks like the only changes are the maps, so that makes it easier to get back in the swing of things.

I will be reviving AoA; however it will be difficult so could use some help. I have joined MAD and with the start of this coming age you guys can expect my usual 1-5 million troop killing spree ^_^

02:54:53 Aug 16th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic Returns Two Mad):

nice to see you anon!

08:09:41 Aug 20th 12 - SFD (Duke Some Fcked Dude):

last time i played anon was still playing.......didnt think it had been so long :'(
<3 VU

00:29:09 Sep 2nd 12 - Architect (The Architect):

Looks like the same old game to me.  Little disappointed.

05:29:16 Sep 3rd 12 - Mr. Swiftly Moving Orc:

Hey Architect. 

02:59:10 Sep 7th 12 - Sir Cadmus IX:

And here I thought it was going to be 3D with customizable characters by the time I returned.

21:42:16 Sep 12th 12 - Ms. Spark One:

Ahhhh love seeing the names of people of friends from even back when I started ha some even taught me and some may even continue to a tad bit ;p haha **cough** Anon.


VU <3

05:40:01 Sep 14th 12 - King Charley Who Deletes Dumb Posts:

Sir Cadmus IX


20:59:10 Sep 6th 12
And here I thought it was going to be 3D with customizable characters by the time I returned.

14:47:05 Oct 1st 12 - Lord Protector Nimic:


17:11:07 Oct 1st 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

all the things she said?

23:21:42 Oct 28th 12 - Wilberforce (Princess Christians Polish Girlfriend):

running through my head?

27 days late, but idgaf... Tatu are mine + Alis beyotches.

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