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14:32:17 Mar 10th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

Hydrogen Dioxide10Lord Dacarta206
Green Tag4Mr. Kev106
One Man Army2Mr. Eekhoorn100

Need more kingdoms.

15:00:32 Mar 10th 14 - Bran (Mr. Shaolin Bran):

bring them to zeta we need more kds also, might as well be on one map!

02:59:11 Mar 11th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Oxydon VI):

one man army has two people

02:59:11 Mar 11th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Oxydon VI):

one man army has two people

05:29:43 Mar 11th 14 - Mr. Pang Tong:

Looks like i am back in Valhalla once again

19:13:53 Mar 11th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Solodolo):

I am too. But finding me is all the fun.

19:34:11 Mar 11th 14 - Mr. Oppa Hyun:

The Sorcerer (Mr. Oxydon VI):

one man army has two people

But their armies will only have 1 man in them!

00:15:15 Mar 12th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Azark The Defiler):

Can I join one man army? So we can have three men in one man army? I will send 100,000 armies of 1 berzerker each at you!

00:15:54 Mar 12th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Azark The Defiler):

And ah, looks like most of Durin's has then returned to Valhalla. I'm Azark, yes, and I'm soloin'.

00:38:01 Mar 12th 14 - Mr. Edd The Magnificent:

You misundestand their Title. Their armies are all made out of women except for a one man army General.

01:05:30 Mar 12th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Azark The Defiler):

Or are they all humans, and they have one army that's huge, and they're all men?

01:10:16 Mar 12th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Knov):

It troubles me, how this thread is not talking about me. 

01:15:27 Mar 12th 14 - Zond (The Zonds):

Or.. you guys dont understand the english language. And he said ONE MAN! 

Orc, troll, halfers, elves :D 

13:49:57 Mar 12th 14 - Ms. Jasmine:

Why oh why does every kingdom have the same starting place on every map I play. We even started 24 hours before and walked all the way here, and they are all around us. This is just not fair.

Peace anyone?

18:40:44 Mar 12th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

Your character Mr. Eekhoorn is the 1st most powerful ruler in Valhalla

One man army. Told you so. (even though my multi hasn't even settled yet.)

00:34:56 Mar 13th 14 - The Real Josh (Mr. Eekhoorns Multi):

not my fault... maybe you should have remembered the god damn password and stopped paying attention to your main account!

Us multis have feelings you know :(

03:02:48 Mar 13th 14 - Mr. Another Endo:

Just Two Guyz

Kingdom Banner

09:00:56 Mar 14th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

It saddens me to see that all other kingdoms are so far away. Now we have no choice but to farm all era. :(

09:16:44 Mar 14th 14 - Mr. Joar Addam Nesossin:

Yay, farming!!

18:07:30 Mar 14th 14 - Mr. Arzath:

Free agent here

15:47:12 Mar 15th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

How's the southern war going?

13:22:31 Mar 16th 14 - Ms. Jasmine:

Update on the Hidrogen Dioxide VS Death Angels war

So far we have seen offensive armies of HD going into DA core. Looks like one of the three blockers DA has does not block, so HD armies are free to enter DA core all the time. Death Angels do not seem to be doing anything offensively, so far only defending their cities.

Hidrogen Dioxide sent two of their Orcs in Death Angels core, and they are doing some pressure, they took only one city so far, but several armies have been killed. Thought DA are bouncing some armies as well. All this is the blocker that does not work, on the second blocker there is a stand off of HD halfer and DA halfer, so far only been defending their cities, no attacks so far. Third blocker is toward Skull Gods, but even thought there is no diplomatic relations, there seem to be no wars at that area.

At the moment we see a lot of army movements from Death Angels and the Orc armies that HD sent are now becoming smaller and less dangerous. But we will see what the future will bring.

We do not have vision over Lost Souls down south, so we do not know what their war looks like.

03:13:46 Mar 17th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Knov):

Dioxide has a war against DA, LS, and now NEE. 

06:53:23 Mar 17th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

H2O2 has 2 wars -> "Let's attack a 3rd kingdom!"

Eek lost a battle against Screwzen from Mr. James Tiberius Kirk. We lost 1 Farmers, 0 Slingers, 0 Pony riders, 0 Illusionists, 0 Adventurers and 0 peasants in the battle and 0 of our soldiers got injured.

06:55:02 Mar 17th 14 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

It was just a scout, lol.

06:56:01 Mar 17th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

An attack is an attack. It's as simple as that.

06:56:57 Mar 17th 14 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

If you say so.

08:20:35 Mar 17th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

08:10:45 - Fire rains from the sky on our Hoorn army! 553 troops burned to death.

08:10:10 - Fire rains from the sky on our Hoorn army! 673 troops burned to death.

08:08:49 - Fire rains from the sky on our Hoorn army! 887 troops burned to death.

08:08:40 - Fire rains from the sky on our Hoorn army! 1137 troops burned to death.

08:08:22 - The progress of Hoorn has been hindered by magic!

You just killed ~3k slingers and a few hundred ponies. gz. :)

Btw, what will you do about the remaining troops?

08:21:50 Mar 17th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Lodak):

Tch, trying to fool us with false information. We are all aware they are all farmers.

12:03:49 Mar 17th 14 - Ms. Jasmine:

Update on Death Angels point of view.

A big change happened, like I mentioned before, third blocker that DA has is toward Skull Gods (thought its only one player there) and we assigned Leila to go attack, so its fair one on one battle. And looks like Skull Gods are about to die, so that war ended up pretty quickly.

With the help of some magic, Death Angels managed to cripple or kill most of the armies that Hydrogen Dioxide are sending, but there is another army coming to our blockers, that we will take care of soon.

To our south, it looks like the war is pretty strong too, Lost Souls are engaging HD and there are many armies fighting. I was told that HD did some good magic and manage to beat back most of LS armies, we are waiting for second round of attacks there.

Looks like Not Exactly Evil is moving toward the battlefield, their closest area is Hidrogen Dioxide and possibly north of Death Angels, so we can see some army movements, but so far only one army there. There will be many more armies coming I am sure, so wars will be pretty intense, like it should be. It is a nice and interesting era so far, I am enjoying my time here.

10:45:18 Mar 26th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

We're winning.

11:25:19 Mar 27th 14 - Ms. Jasmine:

Another update:


Not Exactly Evil

Battles won: 11
Battles lost: 3

Death Angels

Battles won: 30
Battles lost: 11

Lost Souls

Battles won: 40
Battles lost: 25

Hidrogen Dioxide

Battles won: 32
Battles lost: 54

Just Two Guys

Battles won: 1
Battles lost: 0

Hillbilly Mafia
Battles won: 1
Battles lost: 2

Honorable mention:
Player: Disgusted 4 battles won

Update on the war:

Currently most powerful army in the world (Not Exactly Evil kingdom) is attacking blocker of Death Angels, but they seem to be able to defend, for how long remans to be seen. Another powerful army from Not Exactly Evil was sent on the north area against Death Angels but that army was kicked back, giving the guy some experience, will he know how to use it remains to be seen.

At the moment it seems to be a stand off, nobody making any progress, but from what we can see only two or three members of Not Exactly Evil are attacking, so its just a matter of time when farmed up armies come, considering Death Angels were not able to farm due to their war vs Hidrogen Dioxide.

After Death Angels had to divert all troops toward Not Exactly Evil, it seems that Lost Souls have fully commited to Hidrogen Dioxide and they have managed to push them back, and gain some ground, but from the looks of it, it will still be a long war. That is what vision allows us to see, and considering other kingdoms do not wish to participate in the update of the world, we will not know what other kingdoms are doing.

09:55:50 Mar 28th 14 - Valar (Mr. Joar Addam Nesossin):

The war:

Lara Croft is mean and muest be punished (as soon as my army manages to walk back *huff*). Eek is on vacation and currently looking for real estate to "invest" in. We suspect our mage is plotting to take over the world but dont dare to speak up. The farmed armies are a lie and I want to build more cities. 

In essence, there's nothing to report. :p

15:20:34 Mar 30th 14 - Ms. Jasmine:

Just a quick update :)

Not Exactly Evil have managed to break through Death Angels blockers and we would like to congratulate them on a war well played. Their armies are strong, magic powerful and activity impressive. Good job, well done!

16:00:57 Mar 30th 14 - Valar (Mr. Joar Addam Nesossin):

A war well fought m'ladies! As mentioned above the outcome could have been very different indeed if you had had a chance to build peacefully.

21:41:28 Mar 30th 14 - Mr. Pang Tong:

Man i am missing the war, alone defending the base

20:05:37 Apr 12th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Azark The Defiler):

Ah I really enjoyed this era of pure farming. It was refreshing. 

23:07:22 Apr 14th 14 - Mr. Another Endo:

it really has been wonderful. we should do this more often.

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