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where are RS Empire Members?
16:28:46 Apr 9th 07 - Mr. Thrawn:

hey any Ex-Runescape Empire Member.
Next or this era the Runescape Empire Will come Back!
two eras ago, RS disbanded because agurkas son from the North Empire
attacked all my colonys.
just say something if your a ex-RS member

19:24:47 Apr 10th 07 - Sir Paffician:

I never heard about kingdom like that... was it on Fantasia?

21:30:18 Apr 10th 07 - Mr. Santa Claus:

So, you disband because you got attacked, and now you want to remake the kingdom again with the great danger of being attacked again, resulting in a disband this strange or am I wrong?

13:01:43 Apr 11th 07 - Mr. Joseph:

you are wrong, its very logic. you just dont grasp it.

16:18:28 Apr 11th 07 - Mr. Santa Claus:

 RS disbanded because agurkas son from the North Empire
attacked all my colonys.-Mr.Thrawn

So, a Kingdom disbands becasue the Leader gets killed, well, this will happen again...

17:49:43 Apr 11th 07 - Mr. Warlo:


18:04:46 Apr 11th 07 - Lord Oya:

for a moment i thought this was hamish making his dramatic return with Rambo Slayers....old skool baby!

20:54:07 Apr 11th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Same here Oya, I came in expecting a known name, not some newb kd. Then again..... ;-)

20:56:15 Apr 11th 07 - Lord Osiris:

RS WASNT NEWB how could you say that :( its an insult to newbs everywhere

00:46:32 Apr 12th 07 - Mr. Hamish:

Am tempted (:  but real world is overly bussey...


09:52:53 Apr 12th 07 - Mr. Justainius Fontaini:

ahi wud hav killed them myself to and ur backstabbin leader

04:47:12 Jul 10th 09 - Sir Belmont The Avenger:

Mr. Justainius Fontaini

he changed his name!

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