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16:41:05 Nov 26th 08 - Mr. Anubis:

I have two armouries.  One has
Peasants Armouries
124964 7025

the other has

Peasants Armouries


but the one with fewer armouries has a runemaster cost of 743 gold. and a cavemaster cost of 2705.  The one with more armouries has a runemaster cost of 964 gold. and a cavemaster cost of 3415.  All of the other units cost the same.  Why does the one with fewer armouries cost less?

16:44:05 Nov 26th 08 - Mr. David:

It depends on other buildings to. You need a 5:1 ratio of Armouries till you have 5000 Armouries : 1000 other buildings and then continue with a 1:1 ratio to keep the full discount bonus.

17:14:36 Nov 26th 08 - Mr. Dope II:

It's all about ratio, not numbers.

17:42:52 Nov 26th 08 - Mr. Mystic:

more correctly

Level 5 troops need 4000 armories for base cost
Then for every home and/or other buildings you need 1 armory per building.

xxxxxxx/15000 armories btw ALWAYS gives you base cost troops no matter how many other buildings you have.

17:46:52 Nov 26th 08 - Mr. Mystic:

wasn't able to edit for some reason. But I wanted to point out that it is NOT a certain ratio that allows for base cost. It's more of having the right amount of armories to account for the cost + the other buildings.

As an example, for an ORC the fastest route to nazzie is about 100 homes 4000-4100 armories. Try it out next time.

22:13:50 Dec 1st 08 - Mr. Crimson II:

Is your city with more armories under attack? that double's the cost of units.

23:20:02 Dec 1st 08 - Mr. Adrastos:

Your armories/homes are out of ratio. The first one has 5k Homes/7k Armouries while your second one seems to only have 300 homes or so with 3.k armouries.

01:01:58 Dec 2nd 08 - Mr. Anubis:

Ok got it. Thanks guys


10:49:57 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Dope:

I always thought it was 1:5 ratio all the way till maxed out...
thanx for pointing out my flaw

01:17:45 Jan 4th 09 - Mr. Gigant:

what is the actuall base cost of Nazzies

01:22:12 Jan 4th 09 - Lord Frost Wraith:

Check the guide tabe. 17k I think

02:01:20 Jan 4th 09 - Duke Michael Deallus:


17000 150 150

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