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Armageddon Question
20:51:00 Mar 17th 13 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

On Mantrax, as soon as there was a majority vote.... the era ended.

Zetamania... 22 want to end.... 6 do not... 0 not voted.... why is it going through the whole countdown but Mantrax didnt?

21:19:03 Mar 17th 13 - Lady Leila:

Like TheBornLoser put it nicely, let me copy:

  • 14:06:17 Mar 13th 13 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Great Satan):

    Arma automatically activates if there is >50% yes vote with less then 2 no votes (so yes, only one no vote - confusing isn't it?). Any more no votes then that and Arma runs the full gauntlet of days needed for it to go off.

    This .... "system"... does two things.

    First, it prevents a hijack of the era using the Arma option. If Arma always instant-ends with a majority vote, then it is so easy to screw up eras - just cobble together a majority of the players, and if you are losing, cast Arma, and jam up your opposition's victory. Heck, the casting kingdom may even have a player farm to #1 - the instant Arma ends then works in the casting kingdom's favour.

    Second, the 10 days gives any dissenters the opportunity to destroy the Arma city. 6 players do not want Arma to take place? OK, you have 10 days to stop it then. That is of course, if they can beat the majority who want Arma to take place.

    Don't like this system? Then make sure your kingdom kills off ALL opposition then. That way, the only people voting will vote yes - because there is no one else left to kill, or because they are tired of getting killed and want a fresh era to start.

    This is the system as it is. Play within it. Or know how to make use of it. You have no right to mold it to how YOU want it to be. We all have ideas as to how the game should work, but if the admin were to adopt all our ideas, this game is going to be a mess.

    And finally, what is wrong with a 10 day coffee-break? You addicted to this game or something? Some time away from the game will be good every now and then.

01:16:41 Mar 18th 13 - The Wolflord (Mr. Karpen Swiftor):

But on Mantrax there was 3 NO votes....

02:05:59 Mar 18th 13 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

Which is more than two... So it goes the full ten days.

03:08:21 Mar 18th 13 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

But it didnt....

03:14:34 Mar 18th 13 - Soth (Prince of Something):

Sadly I ended the era unwittingly. I assume I was one of the three no votes and when I voted yes on ending it.. game over. Too bad really. Could have been a fun 10 days =p

03:33:04 Mar 18th 13 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Great Satan):

If this is true, then the mathematics on Arma casting (whether instant end or full 10 days end) aren't fully set then. Either that, or Zeta changed the system without telling us.

04:09:21 Mar 18th 13 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Hundeez Dundeez):

Soth you are lucky the era ended early, my 48k nazguls were on their way to slaughter your army mate ;)

04:21:07 Mar 18th 13 - Soth (Prince of Something):

I have no doubt this was true. Especially after all that plunder! I
would have still had some fun though regardless of how bad my chances
were. ;)

20:42:55 Mar 18th 13 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

One of the no-voter might have been killed. If you lose all your cities you also lose your vote.

20:46:25 Mar 18th 13 - Zond (Sir Killa Lotta Hoes):

Age 19 of Mantrax has ended by Armageddon votes! There where 11 people who wanted the age to end, 2 didn't, and 12 did not vote.

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