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Elf Questions
03:54:56 Oct 27th 12 - Mr. Salazar:

I hope some experienced players could answer the following questions

1. In what order should an Elf's goals be? (example: get 9 mage first, then 9 mining)

2. This question goes with #1. Please explain the economic goals in relation to science levels.

3. What are some good strategies for an elf?

4. Share any useful facts that will help an elf play well!

Thanks professionals :)

09:48:30 Oct 27th 12 - Senturu (Lord Senturu):

Go human. way better :D

09:59:56 Oct 27th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

I'm pretty sure it was magic 9/10 first then mining/military depending on the situation.

And I'm pretty sure someone told me to build into forests, so my towns would be small and the price for building would be lower or something like that.

I looked at the units and decided that:
 - Ghosts were for spamming when in danger
 - Archers are main defense
 - Riders suck, so I may as well make an army of AMs

But I'm usually wrong so don't mind me :]

10:03:23 Oct 27th 12 - Senturu (Lord Senturu):

1: NEVER spam ghosts
2: archers are good yes
3: riders suck yes

yes build into forrests. (get a bonus or some shit idk)

Magic first! dont throw gold away putting into mining first.

10:14:34 Oct 27th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Magic Science first for Elves always 

What you decide later will reflect on the situation on the map, if you are at war you need to do military right away, if you are in danger. But even if you are not in danger, if you do mining then later on military will be extremely expensive, so might be best to simply go military second.

Ghosts are awesome for out of protection time.
Archers have the best defense per gold in the game.
Riders have weak attack, but their advantage is that they are fast, you can have fast armies going to enemy core.
Archmages are probably best unit in the game.

They can build in the forest making the cost of building lower, so always do that, you can have 90k cities that look like a small one. 
Also, make warehouses and as soon as you get magic 4 start doing stone to gold casts, one of the better ways to make money. 

10:20:44 Oct 27th 12 - Mr. Kiseki:

Question about those warehouses...

Is it better to have a separate town for warehouses or do you want them in your magic/production city? I'm asking because I was wondering about the magic defense of units stationed in normal towns :s

10:37:43 Oct 27th 12 - Princess Aisha:

You should have only warehouses in the city, because its harder to cast on a larger town with anything else in there... 

23:31:43 Oct 28th 12 - heroix (Mr. Davy Jones):

You are fine with 8 magic in most cases. Then military or mining.

03:51:44 Dec 8th 12 - Niveko (Mr. Niveko):

I have a very specific elf question too and would like to add on to this topic if that is alright? I couldn't find the answer anywhere but if you know where one is posted, please let me know.

Lets say there is a pass in a map, with tree on one side, and mountain on the other. It s wide enough for lets say a 40k ish sized city. If I build a mining city all the way over on the forest side (lets say this can be 78k, I want to exclude the 90k case) will it get the mining bonus from the mountain on the other side of the pass after I build it up in size (plains in the middle, nothing on the other side of the trees). 

Similarly if there is mountain on the other side of the tree will I be able to get that bonus?

To my understanding, it used to work by physical appearance of city size, and this was apparent back when they didn't scale with number, I would be able to tell since I would grow the city and all of a sudden get a huge eco boost before anything built. I don't know how to tell this now with all the other scaling that goes on.

20:13:07 Dec 24th 12 - Endless (Ms. Archangel):

Use Control A on the map, if the mountains show up inside of the hilighted area you should get the resource bonus.

18:50:58 Dec 25th 12 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

The more buildings in the city the father away the peasants will go to build mines and gather resources. They will even go though forests and swim over water to get that gold.

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