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Elf Sciences
22:09:39 Feb 8th 14 - Mr. Disorder:

What'd be the ideal set up for an Elves sciences (in order, preferably?)

I'm playing an elf for the first time and I realized I have no idea in what order I should research sciences.

22:33:35 Feb 8th 14 - Mr. Edward:

umm magic would be a good start.

22:48:39 Feb 8th 14 - Polydeuces (Lord Valkyros XXIII):

Magic to level 8 or 9 first... I go mining after that, magic weapons / ss works out for military nicely unless you're not active :p

23:11:47 Feb 8th 14 - Mr. Disorder:

If I got magic science 9, wouldn't it be pointless to upgrade military? Because by the time I get magic 9, it'd be late era and I should only pump AMs anyway.

23:13:18 Feb 8th 14 - Polydeuces (Mr. Fruit Punch):

military still affects arch mages :)  and you can get magic 9 within 10-11 days of game

23:21:57 Feb 8th 14 - Mr. Disorder:

Yeah, that's true.

And yeah, if you're farming, or am I not aware that 240 million gold actually isn't a lot? Lol

23:24:41 Feb 8th 14 - Polydeuces (Konig Poly Loses):

It doesn't cost that much from 0-9 magic in total.  Closer to 125mil in total.  :p 

23:29:33 Feb 8th 14 - Mr. Disorder:

Hmmmmm alright

23:37:35 Feb 8th 14 - Polydeuces (Mr. Fruit Punch):

Magic Level
Level 4
Upgrading will cost 933,750 gold, 83,000 stone, 83,000 tree and 83,000 food. 

02:16:15 Feb 9th 14 - Polydeuces (Mr. Fruit Punch):

Magic Level
Level 5
Upgrading will cost 2,846,250 gold, 253,000 stone, 253,000 tree and 253,000 food. 

08:04:48 Feb 9th 14 - Mr. Engel Van Dood:

Magic Level
Level 0
Upgrading will cost 0 gold, 0 stone, 0 tree and 0 food.  

Magic Level
Level 1
Upgrading will cost 33,750 gold, 3,000 stone, 3,000 tree and 3,000 food.  

Magic Level
Level 2
Upgrading will cost 101,250 gold, 9,000 stone, 9,000 tree and 9,000 food.  

Magic Level
Level 3
Upgrading will cost 303,750 gold, 27,000 stone, 27,000 tree and 27,000 food.  

Magic Level
Level 4
Upgrading will cost 933,750 gold, 83,000 stone, 83,000 tree and 83,000 food.

Magic Level
Level 5
Upgrading will cost 2,846,250 gold, 253,000 stone, 253,000 tree and 253,000 food.   

Magic Level
Level 6
Upgrading will cost 8,651,250 gold, 769,000 stone, 769,000 tree and 769,000 food.  

Magic Level
Level 7
Upgrading will cost 26,201,250 gold, 2,329,000 stone, 2,329,000 tree and 2,329,000 food.  

Magic Level
Level 8
Upgrading will cost 79,380,000 gold, 7,056,000 stone, 7,056,000 tree and 7,056,000 food.  

Magic Level
Level 9

Upgrading will cost 240,637,500 gold, 21,390,000 stone, 21,390,000 tree and 21,390,000 food.  

08:10:26 Feb 9th 14 - Mr. Gaddafi:

When it displays this message "

Magic Level
Level 9

Upgrading will cost 240,637,500 gold, 21,390,000 stone, 21,390,000 tree and 21,390,000 food.   "

It means you're currently on level 9 magic, spending the 240mill will give you level 10.

08:30:18 Feb 9th 14 - Mr. Engel Van Dood:

Cost for 9 magic levels as an elf 118,417,500 million gold, 10,529,000 Stone, 10,529,000 Food, 10,529,000 tree.

Cost for 8 magic levels 39,037,500 million gold, 3,473,000 stone, 3,473,000, food, 3,473,000 tree.

Am's become viable at 7 magic at 21/21 at a cost of 190.5 gold per OP/DP.
8 magic = 24/24 at 166.6 gold per OP/DP.
9 magic = 27/27 at 148.1 gold per OP/DP

6 military right after getting 8 magic isnt to hard as an elf by this time you have like 1.2 mil gold a tick. Costs about 34 mil in total to get to 6 military levels. Its the 7th one if you want it costs about 48 mil. Its actually just a litter cheaper to go 8 magic 7 military then it is to go for that 9th level of magic. Havent looked at prices for military levels if you go 9 magic i would guess 7 military isn't under 100mil gold an only 6 military would be viable unless you Steal Science a 7th from someone.

8 magic 6 military = 38.4 OP/DP with military calculated in for AM's
8 magic 7 military costs about what it would be for the 9th magic level. Effect unit strength is 40.8/40.8 OP/DP with military thrown in.

9 magic 6 military gives you 43.2 OP/DP, 9 magic,7 military gives you 45.9 but 7 is highly unlikely you can farm too an would take to long.

In essence what this says is the 9th magic level for elves is kinda pointless to get unless you want to cast arma or dragons lol I always aim for 8 magic an 7 military but settling for 6 isnt bad either.

09:56:18 Feb 9th 14 - Mr. Oxydon IV:

Alright, thanks for the help :)

20:17:40 Feb 9th 14 - Mr. Dimwit:

I tend to think Magic9 is also useful for dedicated magic support positions due to the improved casting strength, even if casting arma isn't required for the position.

03:23:22 Feb 21st 14 - The Real Josh (Archangel Sorin):

Also magic 9 isnt just for arma, it boosts your MP and your Archmages so its compltely worth it

22:01:30 Feb 22nd 14 - Mr. Eternitys Angel:

Cost to get 9th level = 22,500 Am's if you want to go for it instead of 8

9 is better yes but farming to level 9 on the higher worlds is not easy to get enough time to do so in peace. You want to get to it as quickly as possible. I think the fastest ive done that without StGing was like between 9 days from first tick of plopping city down to finally having enough for 9th level.
If you StG you can get to it fairly fast problem is you gotta be in safe spot so your warehouse city doesnt get hit -_- an cant have a lot of people mass hording their stone. If you StG it should take like 5-7 days counting your protection time. Havent done it myself to see really. I know it would be really fast being stone usually goes really low the first 3 or so days so profit is easy.

04:41:03 Jun 18th 14 - Sir Isaac:

as an elf you want to focus or your magic lvl first. you may want to get it to lvl 10 as this increase your likelihood of a successful spell with few mages and mt and your AM's. Then you would want to move on to military sciences to help bulster your defensive troops and after I used to focus on medicine to prevent injuries and recovery period. also please not mixing sciences makes it harder for you to advance further into any given criteria. so focus on one science at a time.

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