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How did he actually quit
00:37:56 Nov 16th 12 - Lady Elisa Day The Wicked:

So this guy was around the top of HighScores on Midgard
He was against me, in a war 1 on 1 basically
Though I am in alliance of 10, he is alone in his Kd, but he is allied to other 15 people, so a fair fight just to explain that part.

I came to his armory, took it and killed his army
And what does he do... He quits

And he is on HoH, a huge town,
Now is Native People...

The town he had yesterday...

Devil Survivor

City Info
Owner: The Native PeopleKingdom Banner
Size: 67815 building(s).
Kingdom: *No Kingdom*
Race: Human
Gates: open

We have not attacked them and they have not attacked us.

We own a bit more land than this ruler.

The people of this city has not heard from it's ruler in a very long time!

A few questions...

Why does it say they havent heard from him in a long time

He kept sending 2k and 5k armies from up north, kept coming to his city all day, I was preparing for almost 24 hours on his armory, because he also casted locust at least 10 times, quite successfuly.

So he was around yesterday, or I would say at least 20 hours ago.
So his town is almost 70k buildings, how is it possible that he quit, he should be "too strong to quit" I think that is the error that we get when you try to restart. You cant even restart when you have a scout and possiblity to settle a city.

00:47:22 Nov 16th 12 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Big Bad Orc):

I am not too familiar with the resign mechanics as I hardly ever resign in an era while still having a city left.

But one thing I know for sure is that you can't resign with the resign button if you are in protection or have too many cities left.

"The people of this city has not heard from it's ruler in a very long time!" <<<< As for this, this is referring to the native people. It isn't referring to the player that has just resign.

00:51:27 Nov 16th 12 - Zond (Sir Inflatable Car Bed):

I think it goes by number of cities, instead of land. Not entirely sure. if thats the case id assume you could build 1 200ker as human and have no troops and be about to resign. 

But either way, having that much land as he does.. he shouldnt be allowed to resign. 

01:01:10 Nov 16th 12 - Mr. Yukan:

No he restarted... friggin 2 gold per mines Q_Q

But yea someone can quit with 2 or less cities

01:54:39 Nov 16th 12 - Ms. Hard And Rough Baby:

it goes by number of cities and number of armies, not size of cities and size of armies.

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