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How many mines does it take to
17:16:02 May 21st 13 - Mr. Jack Frost:

Max production if you build a city out in the middle of nowhere, that isn't near any mountains?

17:41:37 May 21st 13 - Mr. Smallfries The Small:

Youll need a 90k

17:46:21 May 21st 13 - Mr. Dragon Tamer:

He means fully build 90k city...
But I am pretty sure you will get the bonus earlier, maybe when you have enough buildings to achieve the visual size of 90k town... Not sure though

18:43:13 May 21st 13 - Mr. Jack Frost:

You're kidding... And here i thought it was around 35k mines.

00:51:04 May 22nd 13 - Yukan (Mr. Rance):


15k homes
70-75k mines (depending on guard towers)
0-5k guard towers (depending on mines)

should at least get you 700k gold at 0 mining probably

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