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Locust Spell
11:11:32 Dec 22nd 11 - Mr. Edwin:

How does locust spell work in terms of game mechanics...
I know the basic stuff, army prepares, locust makes the prep longer depending the magic power...
But when army preps for lets say 2 ticks... locust is casted, does that prep time go away, and restarts it, or does it just add prep time?

13:08:53 Dec 22nd 11 - Penguin (Clown Dexter Morgan):

it would make the prep 0 ticks. if im not mistaken it takes away up to 4 ticks??? ofc your magic power must be strong enough. if not, you might not make a diffrence with your "locust"

14:29:37 Dec 22nd 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Son Gokou):

in all my years of playing I have never seen locust take away more than 1 tic per cast whether i cast it or it was cast on me. could be wrong though, just sayin'

15:10:27 Dec 22nd 11 - Mr. Edwin:

It does not tell you what the effect was, so even if you would ask someone to tell you
You cant be sure what your enemy will tell you...
Unless you asked a friend as testing it out...

As I understand, locust also multiples, casting over and over again adds up?
Does that mean if one cast takes 1 day prep, casting 10 times, it would add 10 days to prep ?

15:51:58 Dec 22nd 11 - Penguin (Clown Dexter Morgan):

yes you are right edwin

16:39:09 Dec 22nd 11 - Mr. Edwin:

  • 12:08:53 Dec 22nd 11 - Penguin (Clown Dexter Morgan):

    it would make the prep 0 ticks. if im not mistaken it takes away up to 4 ticks??? ofc your magic power must be strong enough. if not, you might not make a diffrence with your "locust"

Additional question:

How do we know if the magic power will be strong enough? I know that when you click on locust it gives you "We have .... magic power"... What is the amount of magic power needed to perform a successful locust?

20:35:25 Dec 22nd 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkyros IX):

magic power relates to how powerful the spell will be, giving you a certain % so, really you could be successful with 10% chance but it's a slim chance... really anything above 50% is best.   Though you could have 200,000 magic power and still have 0% chance to cast a spell, if an enemy has strong magic defences.  So you're looking @ power for effectiveness of the spell, and the % for chance of successful cast..

22:02:19 Dec 22nd 11 - Mr. Edwin:

Are you serious?  I am not asking is it harder to cast with 10% or 90%...
I sometimes cast freeze for 2 ticks, and sometimes for 6 ticks...
I am asking does anyone have some sort of table which shows what magic power gives what results...

22:14:52 Dec 22nd 11 - tech (Mr. Nagarothsven):

One other thing locust also seems to kill troops in the targeted unit.  Or atleat the information one gets after casting the spell.  Says blah blah troops will die over time.

22:15:11 Dec 22nd 11 - Penguin (Clown Dexter Morgan):

no, no one has the table which shows what ze magic power gives what result. the more you have MP the better it is :D thats all to it.

22:15:34 Dec 22nd 11 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Seer):

Power determine magnitude of effects. There are no such tables. Most mages go by experience. I doubt there's anyone that want to go through the trouble and write down what power do what for all spells. :P

22:16:16 Dec 22nd 11 - tech (Mr. Nagarothsven):

oh and yes;  is there any magic table? Published magic table that shows the matrix of casting magic power vs defending magic power?

22:27:00 Dec 22nd 11 - Mr. Edwin:

Ok thats understandable, nobody would want to go through all that, I though maybe it was given by admin or something. Mages go from experience, but I would like to know when I will get freeze of 0 ticks, so I do not have to waste magic units on casting such spells that will end up being 0 effective... I do not know as I have no experience but I have figured out magic is almost more important then the raw power of your army. For some reason enemies keep sending troops without mages at me, so I choose which ones will get to me and which ones will spend a few days frozen, and which ones get a lil bad weather over them :)

In short, please someone just tell me what magic power at least I need to have to cast, as I dont want to be casting 0 ticks freezes and locustes :(

00:00:18 Dec 23rd 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkyros IX):

Are you serious?  Do it like the rest of us, and experiment.

00:03:39 Dec 23rd 11 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Yellow Eyed Demon):


03:45:07 Dec 23rd 11 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Seer):

cast with at least 2k mus? Probably more than enough for 1 tick freeze. If you play on the real world, usually if you can freeze them you freeze for max duration anyway.

If there's a cap to the spells effect then it's usually pretty easy to reach in this game. If you are casting 0 tick freeze then you are definitely doing something wrong. Don't be cheap and cast with all you got and see how many tick freeze you did. Adjust from there :)

16:27:26 Dec 24th 11 - Mr. Edwin:

Well considering I managed to kick back 8 armies that came for me I am guessing I am doing it well :D Freeze usually gave me 2-3 ticks of freeze, so locust was working too, as couple of their armies came and I had 20% so with locust + mobilize with taverns, I managed to outpump them :)
I am not cheap :P its just that I am alone up against multiple enemies so I cant train whole lot of mages since I need other troops to kick back the enemies that reach the city :D But considering I received messages with good things from both enemies and other kingdoms encouraging me I guess I am doing ok :)

22:17:54 Dec 24th 11 - Endless (Ms. Evil Shenanigans):

Before you hit YES on your cast take a look at the numbers, it will tell you your magic power at that location (to see what I mean try clicking on different spots on the map and note the differences on the message you get) as well as the percent chance. If the magic power is low you will get 0 day casts even if your percent chance is high (means you need more MUs and MTs ...or you need to wait until your target gets closer for casting something other then locust).

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