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Max on gold
02:04:40 May 21st 15 - Mr. Fezz:

How come there is a max value of 2billion for gold?

Maybe the others too,

I know it is a lot but don't see why it would need to be maxed out

11:15:03 May 21st 15 - Stephen Ben (Mr. Unemployed):

It's something to do with the variable field type. Been a long time since A levels but long integers go to around 2.1billion.

Could ask zeta to edit and use long long integers, but very few people hit 2 billion these days. Was more an issue in the old days when you could only amass 2billion for STG when Fant had about 30 massively farmed dwarves on the map chucking hundreds of millions of stone up a day.


08:59:50 May 22nd 15 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

The big-int's are converted to long int's in most places. But because 32 bit int is the standard I have that limit in just in case. As it has caused many bugs in the past.

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