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Merging and Experience
06:06:50 Aug 8th 13 - Lady Khaleesi:

Can someone please help me out, I am curious as to what happens when merging armies that have experience.  Is there a specific formula I could use to figure it out?  Do the amount of troops merging count for anything?  I have an army with 19 experience (few troops) and an army with 3 experience (a lot of troops).  What would happen if I merged them?

06:33:02 Aug 8th 13 - NazT (Mr. Sofa Awesome):

# of troops divided by # of experience= # of troops(rounded down) you can add to lose only one experience.

Make an army with that exact # of troops and merge into your army and you will lose 1 experience. do math again to add more, each time you add the amount will change, and you will gain more in your army if you add it losing one experience at a time instead of doing math and adding accounting for losing 5 experience. you get?


10000 troops with 10 exp add 1000 troops

11000 troops with 9 exp, add 1222 troops

12222 troops with 8 exp add 1527 troops


and don't merge those armies together, the experience only goes for the army with the most experience. id keep fighting with the other one and bring the experience up, having a separate advent army



07:51:54 Aug 8th 13 - Lady Khaleesi:

Okay, so if I do it like that it'd be approximately 123,000 / 3 = 41000 ... and the other army is 525 / 19 = 27...

why would merging them be a bad idea?  If I merged the small one into the big one, why wouldn't the experience only go up from 3 on the large one?  It's just kind of confusing to me haha.

17:51:25 Aug 8th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

I hope the Lannisters slaughter you, your dragons, and your whole army. Just sayin :P.

17:53:22 Aug 8th 13 - Mr. Paperthickk:

A merge always decreases xp unfortunately. Even if it is two xp armies merging.

Also the 525 army would look like this
== 10xp army with 948
if you were to merge that 1 more time it would be a 9 xp army with 1042 advents

18:30:54 Aug 8th 13 - Lady Khaleesi:

I understand that, I don't expect to merge them and that the bigger army would have 19 experience or something, I'm just saying why, if I merged an army with 19 experience would it not increase the experience even by a few?

18:44:12 Aug 8th 13 - Jondy (Sir Jondrus Kilowatt):

It's never going to go up if you merge. It will always go down. Armies have exp gained through fighting as a group of troops. When you add new troops, even if they have exp too, they still haven't fought together.

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