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Nazguls Special
05:10:53 Jul 10th 12 - Ms. Consuela:

Anyone want to explain the underlined part? How does it work, if it works on a Nazzie only army, etc

Nazguls can fly over walls and increase the total power of your army. They also move quicker than other units
Power: 160   160 Train:

(36 days)
In city: 0
In training: 90
Cost: 45000 gold

05:21:10 Jul 10th 12 - Opportunity (Mr. Supernatural):

I haven't played a whole lot lately, but if I remember correctly, the underlined part doesn't mean anything anymore because that feature was removed. I could be wrong though. 

10:41:14 Jul 10th 12 - Wolf (Mr. Russet Wolf):

Yes, that feature was removed when their power was increased to 150. (it was raised to 160 at a later date).

And the "flying over walls" means in an army of PURE Nazguls, the time walls add to your prep is ignored. They can't fly through a city with closed gates.

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