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00:43:49 Dec 18th 12 - Wilberforce (Mr. Samlag Usling):

On what basis are threads deleted in the Hangaround sub-forum?

The hangaround (46 new)
Just chat, tell a joke or tell everyone what you had for dinner...

I was under the understanding, all general non-VU chat would be allowed in here, provided it wasn't rickrolls or abusive threads.

This particular question (read: COMPLAINT) is in regards to our recent FM13 thread, where Stirling and Swifty had posted their stories of how their FM13 career was going (and I was yet to post). This has been a yearly trend (albeit for only 2 years), but we have had FM Experiment threads which have NEVER been deleted.

I would like the mod (I think I know who it was) who deleted the thread to give a valid reason why it was deleted.
If it is because it's a discussion about another game, that clearly violates the point of the Hangaround sub-forum, and if I look on the first page I can clearly see there are nine threads about other games (including one ZeTa spoke about himself, and played) and one about American Football (so why not football/soccer?) Included in the nine game threads open there, is the fm12 thread. That never got deleted, neither have any of the aforementioned ones.

Tl;dr version: So again, moderator in question whom deleted the FM13 thread, to answer us - who were enjoying the thread, and were planning on posting in the thread - why did you delete it? What basis are threads discriminatorily deleted/closed? Why have previous threads never before been deleted, yet this one was?

If no DECENT explanation can be given Fafnir, an apology will suffice, as you are a moderator, you aren't the law.

00:49:10 Dec 18th 12 - Mr. Samlag Usling:

Yeah useless spam and jibberish should be deleted, I concur. Not a fun thread that has been going for years. The After Action Reports from EU2 were never deleted....

01:24:15 Dec 18th 12 - Ms. Beautiful Brunette:

*the omnipotent one exists not within your thread?*
*the omnipotent one shall smite thy thread!*

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