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When are characters deleted
11:18:00 Apr 24th 12 - Princess Aisha:

How much time of not logging in does it take for a character to be deleted for inactivity? And if I keep logging in from time to time, but not playing any map, my Princess character should be safe?

11:38:04 Apr 24th 12 - Chancellor Ademo:

I logged in after about 240 days and still had my account/characters

12:28:13 Apr 24th 12 - Princess Aisha:

I do not have a paid account.
I got my Princess title by role playing
I am wondering what is the time for regular players
When will my character be deleted?

16:05:24 Apr 24th 12 - Pure (Mr. Ihavenoname):

It was suppose to be like 30 days but people (Including me) haven't gone on their accounts for multiple months and still have their accounts. But to be on the safe side just log on every 20 days.

06:06:28 Apr 25th 12 - Mr. Dakkaman:

I had left for over 10 months, still had my characters when I came back. (And messages hadn't been deleted from my inbox either)

14:01:42 Apr 25th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Thats strange... So the delete inactive characters do not work?
Maybe admin will fix that now, and I did not want to get my character deleted, and now if he fixes it then I messed it up for myself :D

17:28:06 Apr 25th 12 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Moses Igba of The Mbororo):

They get deleted manually i believe , so due to lthe laziness of zeta ... 

20:15:41 Apr 26th 12 - McMax (Mr. Roc Start):

I also think Zeta does much work "manually" and I also guess Zeta sometimes read the forums and thereby "learns" some players to know - at least their attitude towards the game and perhaps also also a little about the activity.

Therefore my little princess - that could be a reason why you are not deleted....... You have a "past" so to say.


15:09:23 May 6th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Actually no, so far I have been doing my best to come here so that month does not pass xD
I have been here on Apr 25th and now I am here 11 days later
And again I wil come in about 2 weeks, so that way my character will never get deleted... and if I get deleted because I do not have an alive character, I would really appreaciate someone send me a message at this character if that update happens xD
Thanx <3

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