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Name: BloodLust
Members: 1
Created: 12/8/2010 8:07:24 AM
Leader: Mr. Arislot

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--About us--
Here we are a band of good honest players who are just looking to have fun while playing this game. As I said we are based around honesty, this means if something is going wrong we are able to talk to each other honestly and we are able to sort things out as a kingdom. We are also based around trust, this means that we are able to trust one another to look out for each other, and we are able to talk to people comfortably. Finally we are based around respect, this means that there isn"t an order in which people are treated differently in terms of respect, we are all treated the same = )

Accepting players of all experience, just fill in the questions below and send in an application and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

----We are currently not accepting new players unless invited.-----

1. How many eras have you played (If any)?

2. What race do you play as, or if you haven"t landed yet, what race do you intend to play as?? (at the moment, we could use an elf, but all races are welcome)

3. What kingdoms have you previously played with (If any)?

4. Do you have any previous names (E.G if for instance last era you were called Mr. Bob and this era your called Mr. Bill let me know please)

5. Which, if any, of any of the veteran or well known kingdoms have you gone to war with in the past?? And what was the outcome?

6. Will you be able to sign on atleast once every 24 hours??
For relations you can contact myself or Alexander the Great.
If you have any questions please let myself or a vice know and we will try to answer them to the best of or abilities
Well that is pretty much it really just everyone have fun and I will look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.


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