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Name: Gladiators
Members: 2
Created: 5/3/2010 11:40:41 PM
Leader: Mr. Triumphus

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We are still accepting new members.

Team-work, discipline, diplomacy and war strategies are the key points that make us a strong KD.

You can be a Gladiator if you have honor, experience (minimum 2 eras) and you are willing to listen and learn.

Interested players complete the following information

1. Why do you want to be a Gladiator;
2. What experience do you have;
3. What race you play best, and what race you planning to play this era;
4. What KD did you play last 3 eras?
5. Have you ever moved from one KD to another before the era finished / If Yes, then why?
6. How active will you play (how many hours / how often will you loggin in 24 hours)

For Diplomacy related issues, please contact Mr. Heimdall


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