Kingdom of Fools

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Name: Kingdom of Fools
Members: 5
Created: 7/2/2011 7:16:23 PM
Leader: Mr. William Nir

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Hey there fella!
Would you like to have some fun? Would you like to be in a nice and relaxed kingdom? Well too bad! This is the Kingdom of Fools. We have ranks, we have achievements, and we only keep the best players. You might be up to it, maybe, but I know that many will fail. Are you active? Are you devoted to finding out how to play this game? Are you a war-mongering beast that wants to eat everyone alive? Well if you are, you better apply and join us. But if you"re one of those hippies don"t even bother, we"ll see you later when we eat you alive.
Have a Nice Day!

Oh, and if you"re waiting to be accepted. Keep your pants on! I have a life, I"ll get to you soon enough.


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