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Name: Optimus Consilium
Members: 2
Created: 6/27/2011 1:23:32 AM
Leader: Mr. Ein

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Ok, let"s be honest. We play to win, but who doesn"t? But, we don"t recruit to win, we recruit to add people who"ll hopefully add something personality wise. A promising newbie is more useful than a broke-down and overly arrogant "vet"

-Skype/IM a biggie; we don"t use the forums as heavily because of this, so it becomes a burden on both us and you otherwise.

-If new, willingness to listen and learn is a must.

-If experienced, willingness to teach but knowing when it"s not needed as well.
(the original members have a good idea of what to do and will ask as needed)

-Must NEVER lecture the dog

~to be continued~

Those who wish to join, please drop me a message in game and speak with me about it.


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