Poodles From Hell

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Name: Poodles From Hell
Members: 6
Created: 4/21/2013 7:08:23 AM
Leader: Mr. Timur

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Poodles. The French once conquered many a nation with these brutal companions by their side. But the French, soon became naive, and claimed the victory their own. The poodles were cast aside, betrayed and beaten by their once loyal friends.

But now their back, crawling from the depths of hell with a vengeance. Their horrid skin wilting, their bark sends chills down enemies spines. The Poodles from hell will claim their retribution.. On the battlefield.

The poodles are a group of players wanting to improve their skills, and make friends with their kingdom mates. We teach as much as we learn, and at the end of the day. Once a poodle. Always a Poodle.

Message a leader for admittance. Must be able to get on at least 3 times /day.

Any of our current three leaders has authority to agree to or decline diplomatic agreements.


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