Professional Arma casters

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Name: Professional Arma casters
Members: 1
Created: 5/30/2022 10:58:50 AM
Leader: Sir Percy The Arma Dude

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Era been dragging on for too long and needs a rapid reset?

ZeTa too unreliable to message about a world restart?

You were so efficient at killing your enemies that you weren’t able to get someone to magic 9?

Give the Arma Casters a call! We are true neutral on any world with the sole goal of farming magic 9 and hoarding MUs to ensure a quick successful cast can be achieved.

Given this peaceful mission, we humbly request no attacks to be made against us. Some stipulations:

1) Will not buy/sell on market [except: A) to native at current rate, B) purchase food if deficient, C) purchase to get sciences if behind]

2) Will not train any non-MU units [unless requested to clean up multi/tagless/generally inactive member to prevent inactivity spoils]

3) Will build as out-of-the-way as possible [will not block passages, allow space for military cities/MCs to be in the vicinity so as to limit impact on gameplay]

4) Will not close gates

5) Will not share Line of Sight with other players


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