The Grim Reapers

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Name: The Grim Reapers
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Created: 8/6/2013 9:37:42 PM
Leader: Mr. Tyrminator

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The Grim Reaper, Death Incarnate, Angel of Death, Devil of Death. The single most recognized ghost or spirit entity of all time, a frequent apparition experienced by virtually every culture and religion since Biblical times.

Though descriptions vary somewhat, the basic entity is the same - a tall figure felt to be male wearing a long monks robe tied by rope at the waist, sometimes with a sickle or scythe, and sometimes without. A skeleton-like face is occasionally reported, but more often there is no discernable face and no visible extremities. Though there are usually no facial features, the face area is often described as being the darkest dark - almost a black abyss - sometimes with sparkling or shining areas where the eyes should be. When it moves, it seemingly glides rather than striding or walking, and there are very few reports of it talking. though the people who are aware of it do get the sense that it is present to somehow function in the transitional stage of death. Its universal depiction as a harbinger of death is not surprising then, considering it appears most often where there is an imminent death.

In some cases, the Grim Reaper can actually cause the victim"s death, leading to tales that he can be bribed, tricked, or outwitted in order to retain one"s life, these are only tales. Death is inevitable.

The Grim Reapers have appeared is great numbers upon the world of Mantrax. The cold steel of their Scythes glimmer as they ride across the battle scarred lands. The Time of Reckoning is now. They are the Harbingers of Death, tasked with bringing the end of time. All shall perish.


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