The Phoons

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Name: The Phoons
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Created: 9/14/2013 11:32:24 AM
Leader: Mr. Bambix

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The Phoon is a highly complex pose inventer by the Dutch to signify freedom and make old people laugh. Yes it is highly effective. Google it bro. Hi-ya
Deep in Tenn"s secret labratory, Friday night.
11:22 PM
You crack the door open to the basement of the Phoons Administration building, hoping to find a likely place to sneak a quick puff of your Amsterdam cigarette stick. but instead of an old basement, you peer into the room and see a strange sight...

<Tenn leans over a 4 meter long map with meticulous details drawn in, all the way down to the hairs on Archlinux"s toenails. yes, it is gross but all very necessary, if he is going to pull this off.. >

Tenn, intent on his plans, absently whispers to himself, "One step closer to world domination .. "

"Oh Yes... everything is going perfectly according to plan, " interupts a deep male voice from a dark corner nearby. "whuahahahahahahahahah8ahahahahahahzahah8ahhanjhahahahah, ehem,"

<mild choking noises ring out, perhaps from smoker"s lung before the laugh continues>

"mwuuuu haha, mwuuuuahahahahahahahahqahahahahahah8ahahahahhaha88hhahahahaa!"

He clears his throat and faces the dark corner of the room, "where the h%ll do those "8"s keep coming from? Well whatever. That"s enough evil laughing for now. Come, we must prepare for the next phaze... I will have my revenge, really i will."

<With that last statement, both figures decend down yet another set of stairs and the footsteps slowly fade from your still shocked ears. Curious and afraid, you walk over to the table to get a look at the object off the deep voiced strangers maniacal laughter.
On that table is what appears to be a map. But it is torn in half, the entire right side missing . But what you can see makes your flesh crawl, and what is worst yet, the photosensitive paper clearly shows a print date of 2 weeks prior.. . ...>

There is no way he could have known we would be here, in this very spot. I must find the rest of the map before...


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