Tiny Rick Adventures

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Name: Tiny Rick Adventures
Members: 6
Created: 8/22/2017 3:52:17 PM
Leader: Blood Lord Tiny Rick The Awesome

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Hey Morty's,

We are Tiny Rick Adventures Morty, all day everyday tiny ricks morty, we will be everywhere looking for McDonald sauce as a well organized and close Rickdom morty, thats right a Rickdom.. we'll..we'll..we'll watch each others backs and purge the others that didnt listen morty, unless they join and become ricks as well morty, we'll have a democracy morty every rick will have a say and we'll rule the Rickstiverse, THE RICKSTIVERSE MORTY!

Join the RICKs Wbbua lubba dubb dubb!!!

Please give some details like exp in the game and how long you've played, what Kingdoms you've been in ect please.


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