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Mr. Mythyis

Lived in Era 22, got 1 heir(s) (Mythyis IV) and was a member of REAL Honor

after returning power to the kingdom of trolls mythyis IV began to rebuild his great grandfathers kingdom before restoring power Mythyis was a strong worrier battleing of the last of the ork like his father grandfather and great grandfather mythyis knek little of his ancestors besides that his great grandfather mythyis the III lost the kingdom and spent the rest of his life attacking the ork army that distroyed his kingdom

Mr. Mythyis IV

Lived in Era 23, got 1 heir(s) (Zithius) and was a member of BACCUS MONKS

After his father giving power back to the kingdom mythyis a spoiled brat decided to return to abydos and become powerfuller then ever. Mythyis IV was half troll half darf he ran his government like a dwarf and army like a troll. But abydos had no more respect for him so he left them and joined the baccus monks. Where he built a north wall and started a new army. In which 3 of his son were enrolled Mythyis V, Gordion,and Zithius, gordion and zithius where caption mythyis V commader. The other caption was mythyis IV friend commander Vicies. his army though was never used for attack right away instead defence and where he was moveing the army first was poison stream to defend it from Duke Am Heh of abydos. his army had 55000 men the battle seemed like compleat suicide however mythyis IV had built up the kingdom to a large size. The defence of poison stream was victories with zero catuiltes thanks to alot of help. Now it was offense there first attack was to be leader. Mythyis instead of dubleing the power he spent all his riches on himself and none for his people. the western army campaign has really been for nothing. He kept his army sationary in poison stream and called back the there sons and his best friend to take command of a new army the strongest ever built by any ancesters of mythyis IV. Mythyis IV Had duble the riches making his kingdom highly feared. But that was before his new army expecting to duble his income his army was getting bigger each day. If that wasnt enough he planed on disolving the western army into the grand armys of dwarves. He moved his army with gordion and mythyis V but somtimes dureing the movement Mythyis V disappeared. Mythyis IV was heart broken Mythyis V was to take the kingdom after he deid so he gave command of the army to Gordion. and assigned his other son Tarus who was only 16 as caption and was to go with Zithius and Vicies to the army were they would also take control. After losing a large army Mythyis IV decided to finish his life by making the kingdom his fathers made into an Empire. Gordion Died in the battle of mili. Mythyis near deat gave his kingdom to Zithius his last son
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