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Family History

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Mr. Rampagingbunny
Lived in Era 14 and got 3 heir(s) (Carrot Fever, Carrot Fever, Carrot Fever).

Out of nowhere came the Rampaging Horde, lead by a fearsome creature that resembled some kind of bunny. Their leaders name was "Rampaging-Bunny".

He had white eyes and no sign of a pupil inside then, his gaze was empty as if he lost his sanity. his skin was glowing an eerie kind of fluorescent green and was unnaturally tough, as if it was enchanted with some sort of dark magic.

He was the last of the "Were-Rabbits" and was send into this world by the clan-elders through a magic portal. His only task is to destroy this world and create a habitat for his race. And so the story of Rampaging-Bunny begins.

After setting up his basetown, he send out scouts to look for potential allies in the near vicinity of his town. After many days only a few scouts returned, most of them had been mutulated and close to their deaths.

What kind of world was this, Rampaging-Bunny thought, most of my scouts have died or are about to die and the only news I get out of them is that there are enemies everywhere. Suddenly another scout arrived, unharmed and exceptionally cheerfull. He had found an ally, he had found "The Medieval Dogs Of War".

After joining up with them, it was time to prepare for battle, to secure his territory, to secure the survival of his brethren, to secure the survival of his newfound allies. The time has come upon him to let his destiny meet his fate.
Sir Carrot Fever
Lived in Era 15, got 0 heir(s) and was a member of Anti Fowl Alliance

His father, Rampaging-Bunny, came from another dimension, at least that is what the historicans seem to have written. But for Carrot Fever all that matters is this world and the urge to conquer it entirely...

Thus Carrot Fever remained in his fathers kingdom, but he already noticed that many of the other members of the ancient kingdom had passed away or had sided with others...

Then a messenger arrived, King Stalin is no more, the kingdom is in chaos, no heir to the throne at all. The messenger also stated that just before the King went to better places, he adviced to join FOWL...

"So be it..." Carrot Fever said to his messenger "as of now we will follow the orders of the Fowl-Kingdom, send out word to the ones around us that we're now following a new leader, may we be more glorious then my father was in his past"...

not knowing there had already been send armies carrying the COW-banner to attack his cities, Carrot Fever vowed his alligiance to the Throne of Fowl...

Fierce battles followed the next few days, the first city of Carrot Fields fell into enemy hands. The survivors settled in the midst of three mountains, aptly naming the newfound city "Cave Trolls"...

Gathering strenght, the new city grew strong and was now able to produce armies, Carrot Fever ordered his smithies to heat up the fires. The time to retake their lost capital was upon them. An endless stream of vulonteers poured over the enemies that had taken over Carrot Fields and at last, the city was retaken. Carrot Fever stood amongst his men, looking at the remnants of his capital city, a city that was torched and ransacked by the enemy. "They will pay for this insulence and cowardice, WE WILL HUNT THEM DOWN!!!" Carrot Fever spoke to his army...

Days passed by and the forces of Carrot Fever grew stronger and more powerfull. Armies took control of a small village to the east of the Cave Troll city and then moved further to the south and the east. A small town governed by an old soldier was conquered with great ease and turned into a farmingcommunity.

Then one day a messenger arrived with news of an escaping COW-army. "What do you mean it's heading our way?" Carrot Fever yelled at the messenger "I thought you said it was fleeing the area! Very well then, get me the general of the Dark Shroud army...AT ONCE!!!" and the messenger ran out of his royal quarters...

"The army is ready, my liege. The fleeing army won't survive this little ambush we've prepared" The Dark Shroud general spoke to Carrot Fever. "Very well then General, let's get this onslaught started and over with, give the signal for the attack!". Minutes after the Carrothian horn was sound, thousands of Hobgoblins engulfed the mesmerized enemy army. Severely outnumbered, the enemy soldiers dropped to the ground, dead, injured and even soiling themselves with fear. "Payback is such a sweet thing, served when least expected. Round up the survivers and...execute them General...that should teach them not to ransack a capital city!" Carrot Fever spoke and then left the battlefield.

Days later a multitude of scouts returned to report about the surroundings of the evergrowing Carrothian-empire. "There are more cities located across the lake and near the mountains and forests behind it? Very well then, mobilize the additional armies, it's time to expand our borders!" Carrot Fever spoke to his most trusted group of generals.

Weeks passed and the armies conquered the surrounding cities. Among the cities was one of particular interest to Carrot Fever. The city was called "Majestydale" and the spoils of war had a special prize, it contained a fair maiden, a princess, a bride...

The marriage was followed by the birth of an heir to the throne of Carrothia and the unstoppable warmachine of the Horde. During the childhood of their firstborn, the empire grew strong and powerfull but was becoming more peacefull and diplomatic as the child grew older.

Carrot Fever teached his son all he knew about the arts of war and diplomacy, as it was soon to be his sons empire, the Carrothian empire under the rule of Nethersage.

Lived in Era 48.

No known history.

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