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Valhalla 66
20:06:41 Dec 27th 19 - Mr. Ruthless Apex:

Nice map.....

20:08:26 Dec 27th 19 - Mr. Glarus Ignazius:

Finally boats:)

20:09:21 Dec 27th 19 - Stormy (Ms. Titanium):

Yes!!!!! Omg Yesyesyes!!!!! After 14 years of bitching zeta finally gave me my boats!!!!!

20:26:23 Dec 27th 19 - Mr. Ruthless Apex:

Well I dont really have a boat. Just taking a swim...

20:48:17 Dec 27th 19 - Exalted Trickster Salamon:

settle a city on an island for us to retire on :)

04:34:34 Dec 28th 19 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

I was gonna say something about that too lol. I wonder if a blocker will go into the water?

06:09:04 Dec 28th 19 - Mr. Ruthless Apex:

I built a size 400 in the water. But destroyed it as its pointless.

06:23:25 Dec 28th 19 - McMax (Mr. Lightfoot):

Seems like we have a plotting-error here.

09:40:56 Dec 28th 19 - Exalted Trickster Salamon:

nah should leave it lol

23:19:20 Dec 28th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Elons Cyberduck):

Imagine if the city would float away every tick.

Or have tides, so it's only reachable when the water is low.

23:32:10 Dec 28th 19 - Penguin (Lord Penguin The Saint):

Who is this venomz? 

00:26:13 Dec 29th 19 - Emperor Wumy Godi:

An Imposter!

01:24:12 Dec 29th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Elons Cyberduck):

Imposter not I am.

20:10:41 Dec 29th 19 - Emperor Caligula:


Imposter not I am.

Yep get me a tank of gasoline and some matches if you dont start on fire or if you dont die. Then i will believe your the original venom

23:20:10 Dec 29th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Elons Cyberduck):

Hey Google, add gasoline and matches to my shopping list.

08:31:44 Dec 30th 19 - McMax (Mr. Lightfoot):

Hey come on your lazy lad. The world is only 4 days old.

Venomz64High WarlordTrollDead.1 days

12:31:11 Jan 5th 20 - Sir Edi The Great:

Anyone has room for late starting bad player in their ranks?

12:37:38 Jan 5th 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

We've got plenty of space in Hammer and shield. We are down so many players this cycle.

18:44:00 Jan 15th 20 - Exalted Trickster Salamon:

Anyone else adventuring on this map?

Interested in doing updated research on finds to post in the guide section.

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