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GvE 2v2
13:05:37 Jul 20th 23 - HorusPanic (Prince Bill Gates):

Hey everyone. Next era on GvE we are going to try 2v2. You can sign up as a free agent (FA) or a 2 person team. HOWEVER, keep in mind you cannot make the kingdom until the map starts. So there is inherent risk to entering as a kingdom and hoping to find each other. If you spawn as a FA you may correspond with other FAs to make arrangement to join up, but please no more than 2 people.

Relations are open, but should generally be based on how many teams are signed up.

1) Horus (Free agent)

13:15:23 Jul 20th 23 - Jarl (Jarl Rahzalgul):

2. Jarl (FA)

13:43:38 Jul 20th 23 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

3. Great and Powerful (FA*)

*fuck all

13:07:52 Aug 4th 23 - HorusPanic (Prince Bill Gates):


1) Horus (Free agent)
2. Jarl (FA)
3. Great and Powerful (FA*)

12:36:53 Aug 7th 23 - HorusPanic (Prince Bill Gates):


17:27:01 Aug 17th 23 - Duke Darkfaith:


08:37:03 Aug 19th 23 - Mr. Don Quixote:


05:53:44 Aug 21st 23 - Spartan Briarheart:

Seems it's gonna be over quickly...

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