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Valhalla 90 wut
22:10:21 Sep 3rd 23 - Mr. Existentialist:

We don't have a thread

Let's keep this discussion christian with no insults or cursing.

That being said - 


23:23:15 Sep 3rd 23 - Konspyre (Captain Alith Anar):


23:47:35 Sep 3rd 23 - Phat (Grand Moff Zellos):


06:29:00 Sep 4th 23 - Bigfield (Mr. Bigfield):



I understand the tactical decision and I guess I'm not mad. The city is not in a bad new spot?

Have a go at Teleporting the rest of our cities and we will call it a day.

Our Security colony got teleported!
28 walls in Security got destroyed by magic!
Enemy mages canceled all active spells on Security!
Grand Moff Child Elf attempted to cast a spell upon us.
Grand Moff Child Elf attempted to cast a spell upon us.

15:04:01 Sep 4th 23 - Phat (Grand Moff Child Elf):

It provided no strategic value. 

Trash city that armies squatted in. A teleport allowed us access to them. 

We care not what you do with your 10k GT city. As long as itís not sheltering armies we can eat. 

15:04:54 Sep 4th 23 - Konspyre (Captain Alith Anar):

theo will be dangerous on the day GTs get OP and can move around

15:32:48 Sep 4th 23 - Konstant (The Ancient Arcaone):

I think zeta already invented those "OP mobile GTs". They're called units.

I know...

I know...

A really WILD concept.

17:31:38 Sep 23rd 23 - Mr. Existentialist:

I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any means but I can't help but thinking these "elves" are actually dwarfs using stilts. 

19:00:14 Sep 23rd 23 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Mr. Glorfindel):

I have pointy ears I swear

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