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15:02:41 May 16th 22 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus):

Anyone ever put any work in on the advent find% after Zeta's last mod to the algorithm ? (which made finds less likely)

15:18:38 May 16th 22 - Percy (Sir Percy The Medical Practitioner):

Yes, Kon and I have done several tests and have repeatable results. Need a base “minimum” of XP and troops in order to get finds. From our testing, 6 XP is a safe minimum, with anything more than 300 capable of generating finds.

6 XP is the minimum to get “decent” finds, allowing 300 advents at 6 XP to make at least 1 find per week (can be as much as 1 every 3 days). True min is 4-5, but don’t expect any consistency with finds.

XP determines quality of find, advent count determines frequency (meaning how often it gets the 1 find/3 days). Seems a single army won’t find more often than that except for rare occasions. 

I don’t think it’s hard-coded for 72 hours, rather I think the random chance to find triggers around the 1/72 (1.38% chance to find any given tick) mark given our testing. This allows for some finds earlier and some later, but yielding a generalized average of 3 days. In my opinion, ZeTa wouldn’t code a strange number, so I have a haunch it’s set at 1% chance/tick to find.

Advent count increases this base find rate, while XP increases quality of the find (low XP = farming/forestry, higher XP allows mil/magic).

Since there’s no hard data, just trial and error, that’s the best we have right now

15:25:14 May 16th 22 - Percy (Sir Percy The Medical Practitioner):

Not sure anyone’s tracked “die rolls” nearly as much as I have, and I can say the RNG system is actually not bad. ZeTa seems to use 2 decimal places of precision, which yields 10k options for any given roll. This means you need to roll in the bottom 1% (100 and under) of a 10,000 sided due in order to get a find. You can understand how that can sometimes take far longer than the expected result. 

I’ve done batch testing of the RNG values (thanks to Kon for questioning everything 😉), and can confirm across multiple test series that on a large enough sample size, the chances converge on the quoted value. I say that to mean once we know the base chance, you can trust that’s what’s being acted upon, the die isn’t “loaded against you”. It just has no “ghost buffs” that most games use to make things feel less painful. This is a raw RNG value we live and die by.

I suspect it’s a 1% chance/tick, but can’t speak to how XP and advent count factor in to that base chance. I’ve just observed ~1% as a base find rate.

15:46:30 May 16th 22 - Venomz (High Warlord Rapper Sjors):

Can add that with an army of 1500 advents + 3500 ponies with 6 xp, I received a total of 0 finds, in 7+ days on Fantasia last era.

15:52:11 May 16th 22 - Percy (Sir Percy The Medical Practitioner):

Could be that by the time you were trying, someone with a larger army of more XP was essentially hogging them? If you cut off at roughly the week mark, I could see that as a possibility.

16:10:50 May 16th 22 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus):

any findings about army location on the map (friendly vs hostile territory), moving vs camping

16:18:59 May 16th 22 - Percy (Sir Brutus):

Seems to not matter from what little I know on that. Kon was camping deep in friendly territory for his. 

From anecdotal stuff, camping vs moving has no change. Friendly vs enemy territory could be a factor, as ZeTa has a back-end “territory calc” that I don’t know how is used.

16:22:57 May 16th 22 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus):

I recall end of era replays that would show territorial ownership.

17:05:01 May 16th 22 - Percy (Sir Brutus):

Yeah I remember those, just not sure how thats calculated. Otherwise we could do "friendly" vs "enemy" territory that doesnt include some level of agreement lol

21:51:11 May 18th 22 - Phat (Mr. Bastard Son):

IIRC it's across all worlds, so someone on a world with 30xp on 3k advents will get all the finds before someone on a world with 6 xp on 3k advents

20:38:31 Aug 28th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Xeta):

We should reconnect the worlds in a 2x2 grid with GvE unconnected to fix this

''''egregious error''''


21:01:05 Aug 28th 22 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

IIRC it's across all worlds, so someone on a world with 30xp on 3k advents will get all the finds before someone on a world with 6 xp on 3k advents

One of the changes was that worlds do no longer compete for advent finds.

Also it's no longer just about who has the largest advent army, it's still good to have a large advent army, but it's not guaranteed to give a find, it's more random now. But you still compete for the finds, so if you are the only one in the world with adventures - luck will be on your side.

21:26:28 Aug 28th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

I fucking LOVE this game

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