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11:54:53 Aug 28th 22 - Matthew (Chief Mathew):

Is the person who did the artwork for the VU units still around?

If so, how much did they ask to draw up undead art?

I believe we can raise $500 or so with ease, if someone would code the new race for free (hint hint nudge nudge knock on wood)

11:57:37 Aug 28th 22 - Matthew (Chief Mathew):

For the record I am not offering to donate or pay anyone I just think we can get a new race pretty easily if the old artist for VU is still alive and still does comissions

11:57:37 Aug 28th 22 - Matthew (Chief Mathew):

edit: doublepost

13:38:36 Aug 28th 22 - Mr. Nifengle:

 the whole of vu should get a revamp.. also the cover of vu when you first log on is total rubbish.. i mentioned before maybe have a picture of humans fighting a nazgul or something, instead of some crap text talking about how you can play vu and not be active... fark at least make the thing look interesting enough to want to look at...

20:08:18 Aug 28th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

Naw we just need UNDEAD and we need to raise $500 for the commission ($100 a unit) to raise undead

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