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Berserker Mechanics
02:31:22 Oct 5th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

How does the game determine when Berserkers friendly fire? Or how, rather?
Do the Berserkers just dice-roll against friendly units as well?

I asked around a bit about this and I'll let everyone know what I find out.

03:30:21 Oct 5th 22 - Percy (Sir Percy The Arma Caster):

It doesn’t do that at all, is actually much simpler than you might imagine.

The game shows Zerks as having 35/35, but those numbers are ONLY used to generate attacker/defender percent chances.

The numbers used for battles are the OG numbers: 40 OP and 30 DP. Since chances are based on 35/35, you deal more damage than expected (since you hit with 5 extra OP), but also take extra damage (since you have 5 less DP).

There isn’t any fancy math being done on the backend. Just simple number manipulation :)

You might ask where this comes from? Zerks back in the day we’re 40/30 and had no “kills more, even allies” tag. To give them a bit of a unique trait, their values were changed to 35/35 at the surface, but the fighting numbers remained, which then allowed the fun description to be added!

04:04:17 Oct 5th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

THANK YOU FOR THE RESPONSE! This is fascinating, and I respect the effort put in to figure this one out. Thank you again.

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