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19:34:04 Mar 2nd 20 - Mr. Necromorph:


I'm a noobie and I've been spawned in Fantasy world. I saw a few other worlds in the menu. Is there any way to change the current world to an other one? I wish to play in a world which has a lot of player/settle. Thanks!

19:36:56 Mar 2nd 20 - Mr. Ignis Fire:

Create a new character under character flick.  

21:03:09 Mar 2nd 20 - Percy (Sir Percinium):

^Agree. Create a new character (through character tab) and choose a different world for that new character. One suggestion would be Valhalla, which just ended so you’ll be starting at the same time as everyone else. 

If you are looking for a KD to help you learn the game more, feel free to send an application to Holy (in Valhalla). We’re a group of players that have been around for a looong time and like to help train new players how to play!

22:30:50 Mar 2nd 20 - Sir Merlin The Mage:

Sad thing is that he’s in Fanta, and he wants to switch to a more populated world. The world you’re playing is most popular and most populated. However that means around 60 players and thats it. The game does not have more players than that. 

Other worlds (maps) have less people. But indeed Valhalla would be best as you start same time as everyone, unlike on Fantasia which started while back. Valhalla also has 50% rule for smaller rulers which will help you to survive against veteran players as they will be too big and unable to attack you (if they have 3 times more land than you, they can’t attack you)

01:35:11 Mar 3rd 20 - Mr. Fry:

Yes, my main reason to change is to find a more populated world, but sad to hear that Fanta is the most populated one. I still have a character there, but followed the instructions what I got here I could create two more characters in different worlds (Zetamania - Valhalla).

Percy: I already in a KD in Valhalla, but the system put me in when I started my new charachter there. Maybe I would change and joint to your KD, but I'm afraid I won't use Skype and we can contact only ingame. Would it be a problem to your KD?

00:11:01 Mar 4th 20 - Percy (Sir Inception):

Ahh, there’s an option when you go to spawn as a new character that asks if you want to “join a KD that accepts new players”. For future reference, deselect that and you will be placed on the map as a “solo” or “tagless” player. 

You would need to reach out to our leader, Salamon, about that, but I doubt it’d be a huge deal. We prefer Skype (we actively chat in there and have trained several people using the chat for quick answers to questions) but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. We had a guy a couple eras ago rely on in game chat and it worked okay, but he had a decent understanding of the game too. If you end up forgoing Skype, don’t hesitate to message frequently as most of us are pretty active. Heck, we’ll answer questions even if you don’t leave your KD now, but it’s easier to show you the ropes when we aren’t worried about you showing our potential enemies what we’re doing lol

As you play this game, you’ll notice some KDs will use Skype or Discord to communicate in real time about the game. This is very useful to coordinate attack strategies, spell casting, warnings/alerts, and the like. Keeps one person from having to be on the game every tick (hour) lol I’ve been in KDs that don’t use those systems, and it gets frustrating not being able to properly coordinate or time things, especially as the era progresses.

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