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02:50:02 Nov 19th 20 - Gladiatorul (General Glad The Bloody):

I have 2 dead characters. One is linked to my KD in Fantasia. The other one is free. If I want to use the free one to play in Fantasia, it only shows Mantrax and GvE Qua as available. The one linked to my KD in Fantasia, doesn't show Mantrax as available.

 Anyone knows why Fantasia doesn't show to all dead characters? 

I mean all worlds where you don't play should be available to all dead characters I would imagine.

04:00:12 Nov 19th 20 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Audaciter):

Your Kingdom is still located in Fantasia, so it won't let you land with any other characters on that world.

04:45:11 Nov 19th 20 - Gladiatorul (General Glad):

Thanks JLT

20:54:11 Nov 19th 20 - Penguin (Lord Penguin The Strange):

Dont have any down, thats the problem here. Kill my down and it all mighy get fixed

21:49:42 Nov 19th 20 - Gladiatorul (General Glad):

Anyone moderates these forums? We have a spammer here. Please deal with him.

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