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10:52:31 Dec 22nd 22 - Mr. Ceramic Yak:


I'm pretty new to this game.

Is there a discord server for this game?

11:33:56 Dec 22nd 22 - Ms. Jasmine:

Here is a link, hope it works

It has active and less active times, but that is the official VU Discord
Keep in mind some of the community is toxic and lots of people stop using Discord

12:22:25 Dec 22nd 22 - Konspyre (Captain Daniel Craig):

Quick note that there is no real Zeta-verified "official" VU Discord, but this is the closest thing we've got, so it's the most official-ish unofficial Discord!

(Zeta is also welcome to join)

17:08:03 Dec 22nd 22 - Phat (Grand Moff Danny Trejo):

We have fun there! 

18:49:45 Dec 22nd 22 - Ms. Jasmine:

If you're part of a certain clan, yes. But if you're not, you get bullied and the experience is not fun at all. There is a reason why Cyrus does not post in Discord any more.

20:07:38 Dec 22nd 22 - Konspyre (Captain Daniel Craig):

Still trying to figure out what's up with you and him actively defending feeding way before we even knew for sure what the deal with those dwarves was, but i suppose some mysteries can't be solved

21:11:16 Dec 22nd 22 - Ms. Jasmine:

I feel like I am missing a bulk of text here lol. Out of nowhere defending feeding? But its you so I guess blockers are built lazy, feeding on dwarves everywhere, hard to argue anything with you. 

22:55:40 Dec 22nd 22 - Konspyre (Captain Daniel Craig):

Good to see your sense of humour hasn't changed, figured you'd be too busy being inactive and giving up to respond, good on you!

00:23:20 Dec 23rd 22 - Phat (Lord New Ideas):

@jasmina - you not have fun anymore?? :(

11:36:01 Dec 23rd 22 - Prophet Ellle:

I wanted to write in Discord I will not be active for Christmas and New Year but after noticing replies like “okay!” Or “hey you haven’t written here” I decided against it. In comparison to other games the people are nice, with like two exceptions.

11:46:22 Dec 23rd 22 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Spawn II):

They replied with okay when someone said they will be inactive? Omg the nerve!

11:50:15 Dec 23rd 22 - Dark Lord Anewbis:

I think second part there was just s bit of jesting due to the fact horus wrote the same message in 3 out of 4 server channels. I personally dont see how that's being mean, same with the "okay!" Does okay mean something different than acknowledging him in this case? 

One could argue the rest of us are the toxic ones for ignoring it lol

11:57:11 Dec 23rd 22 - Prophet Ellle:

Hey forum and discord trolling is an art form lol. You can’t always get it right. Yeah my attempt was pretty pathetic lol. I gave much to learn. When Jas does it you can’t be sure if she’s serious or not lol.

15:40:25 Dec 23rd 22 - Ms. Jasmine:

I am not serious, the community is what makes this a great game. As for Jasper and Moff, well, every community has a few rotten apples :p

03:43:10 Dec 24th 22 - Phat (Lord New Ideas):


13:17:56 Dec 25th 22 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Spawn II):

Best counter is to say you are gone from 23rd in 3 kingdoms where you play but some of enemies as well, and then you keep killing them several days after you said you will be gone. Messes with their heads.

Prophet Ellle:

I wanted to write in Discord I will not be active for Christmas and New Year but after noticing replies like “okay!” Or “hey you haven’t written here” I decided against it. In comparison to other games the people are nice, with like two exceptions.

06:50:54 Jan 8th 23 - Mr. Ceramic Yak:

Hi all

The link above doesn't seem to work. 

Is there a more recent / valid link?


08:35:06 Jan 8th 23 - Percy (Sir Daniel Radcliffe):

Here is a new link. Let me know if you have any issues!

11:50:12 Jan 8th 23 - Friendly Peasant Cyrone:

Honestly Jasper, fuck you. I never defended feeding. It was fucking insulting and hurtful to me that you guys would think I would feed off of multi cities given our pasts playing together. I wanted those cities because they were in an important position which you guys literally proved to be correct by later walking through them after another clan got them. In Imp we many times talked about taking cities in important positions like that even though they were Ivahos feeders. You're just an idiot if you don't understand why those cities were important. I am the ONLY player to take a multi city and publicly prove I didn't feed off it on the forums. You're fucking RETARDED if you think I'm going to feed on a multi for the sake of feeding and now you're saying we defended feeding? The fuck?

 You attacked me on Discord publicly and said getting those cities would be "feeding" before YOU knew what was in them. Our entire plan was based around getting that blocker. You made the situation hostile. Guess what? 10k GTs were in them. Use your brain better, I know you can do it! I love losing 4+ discord friends over that (actively removed me). Awesome! Cooool! Totally justified!

Keep being friendly toward Ivanho on discord and making him feel welcome in the community though! That's gonna make the game a way better place! So smart guys! Soooo smart and intelligent!

12:13:00 Jan 8th 23 - Konspyre (Captain Daniel Craig):

I didn't attack anyone, and if you ignore your childish tantrums like this one, Barny just gave a reasonable response to what I pointed out, and that could have been it.
But YOU can't control any single one of your emotions.

I pointed out Barny's arms position next to the dwarves, and you immediately went on a rant defending feeding. You even pointed to other instances of feeding on other worlds, so don't pretend you didn't defend feeding.

My point was made based on the information all of us, including you, had about the whole multi dwarf stereotype, up until that point. I adjusted my position based on the newly obtained information as soon as it became clear through prep reports that they weren't empty gold-heavy dwarves.

You blew up on your own, and to this day, I still don't get why, since you weren't even actively involved in the first place. It was just Barny next to some suspicious dwarves, and he handled it well, and he had an even sterner stance on it than I did. I suggested he should take the blockers including plunders, he insisted on BnD.

So why is it, despite Barny ending up having a sterner stance than me, that you keep throwing tantrums in this way, where you do nothing but insult?
I tried to think along, IDK about you

12:37:07 Jan 8th 23 - Friendly Peasant Cyrone:

Look at your first message regarding the situation;

 Your first instinct was to accuse us of feeding. You expect me not to be defensive when you immediately characterize what we are doing as feeding? I was pretty taken back by that yes. I was defending what we were doing (the logical play), not feeding in general. 

12:52:21 Jan 8th 23 - Konspyre (Captain Daniel Craig):

You're not responding to anything I said, which fits the level at which you try to argue. My first instinct was to joke about the situation because I thought I atleast knew the guys in Vanheim well enough to allow jokes to be made, but I suppose that was a mistake.

You interpreting it wildly different and far more seriously than I intended is on you. At most, I can be blamed for joking about a situation where i couldn't guarantee everyone got the joke. Shame.
I'd write "(this is not a serious accusation)" behind every joke I make but that would quite quickly make any joke sound lame, and that would be horrible.

And most importantly, it's not even you. Who's "us"? Vanheim? I never mentioned you. I never accused you. I never pointed at you. Yet you keep acting like it's you in the screenshot.
You constantly try to make it about you, but nothing about this was ever about you until you tried to make it about you.
Is this main character syndrome? I'm not too up-to-date on TikTok trends so i'm not confident on that one.

22:05:37 Jan 8th 23 - Friendly Peasant Cyrone:

Oh I love that!

Main character syndrome! XD!!!! You also addressed the KD as a whole when you alluded to the fact Barny might be feeding off those guys. 

I get you guys are mad I brought up what happened on Fantasia and comparing the two situations. I do regret mentioning that, but it was a failed attempt to illustrate a point; you don't get to make the rules for everyone else, then decide when it's okay and when it isn't to amend them. I'd say main character syndrome is more like, thinking you are the all knowing justice of the game, dictating what is and isn't okay for people to do. Our plan was to take that blocker immediately to secure that space. You don't get to decide that we have to answer for our preemptive crimes that never happened and tip our hand at what our strat will be to every player in the public discord server.

Anyway, I'm done with this. You can have the last word, I really don't care. I heard Jarl left the discord in a similar manner to my own, and that others have taken long breaks after the "friendly joking" they receive. Makes you think, doesn't it?

00:43:18 Jan 9th 23 - Konspyre (Captain Daniel Craig):

For what you so confidently post as a counterargument: You could have not invented an issue if it really was Barny's call, but you forcibly involved yourself, then think you're calling me out for pointing out your involvement? YOU involved your kingdom into it. My bad for listening i guess?

Rules? I merely asked the question in a joking manner, you're the one who jumped to a million assumptions.

Go spend some more effort trying to keep the moral high ground in an issue you created and that you were never even involved in.

Jarl called me a cheater just bc he was surprised by my zerker numbers in his first rusty era back on VU, very reliable source indeed.

Victim complex.

01:17:44 Jan 9th 23 - The Black Flag:

 If you ever get a chance to take a town that has no relation to you go for it multi, inactive or what ever.   Don't fool yourselves with the honor complex of this community.   Everyone here wants to win if you don't  clear it another will.

  Calling out multi seems to be a first response, for all we know many could be returning players or even new players.   People do multi and it has been a issue many times in VU but surly all the foul convos of accusations isn't good for the community either.    Perhaps we could all refrain from accusing others of being multi with out some proof, perhaps we could grow thicker skin and not let unfounded accusations over a video game hurt our feelings.   Discord, ingame or what ever just have a little respect for others.   

  Its a game who gives a Euck, think they multi send a msg to "Admin" and report them no need to make a thread and call them out with a long rant, unless drama is your thing and that is ok to.   It wont effect us unless we allow it to:P

   Discord is nice and I suggest any new or old player join just remember to take everything with a grain of salt and be respectful and most of all have fun!


07:17:39 Jan 20th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke Freeman):

Anyone have an updated link to the Vu discord?

07:30:43 Jan 20th 23 - Lady Jasmina:

Try this:

10:15:57 Jan 20th 23 - Mr. Fark You:

Discord just sows discord lol

11:56:52 Jan 21st 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke Freeman):

ty jasmina

19:02:10 Jan 30th 23 - The Sprout:


18:34:45 Feb 2nd 23 - Mr. Alan Balan:

Discord link doesn't work, could I get a new one?

18:45:16 Feb 2nd 23 - The White Rider:

15:24:35 Feb 3rd 23 - Mr. Existentialist:

How did you idiots turn a thread asking for the discord into as much of a shitshow as the discord itself loooooooool

16:02:15 Feb 3rd 23 - Phat (Grand Moff Cute Newb):

hey now, friendly language only.

You wanna flame, come to discord.

16:09:47 Feb 3rd 23 - Konspyre (Captain Tutorial Failer):

Honest advertisement!

22:21:11 Feb 3rd 23 - Mr. Existentialist:


Honest advertisement!

I'd join !

15:56:35 Mar 7th 23 - Mr. Vinny:

yikes cringe thread lol so im new found this game on a discord for another game can someone link the discord? i made a character but its confusing what am supposed to do i was told new games start every month or so? would help if someone can point me in the right direction to learn cuz theres no wiki or anything 

18:07:25 Mar 7th 23 - HorusPanic (Mr. Zig):

come hither:

22:22:52 Mar 7th 23 - Mr. Pickitnflickit:

Mr. Vinny:

yikes cringe thread lol so im new found this game on a discord for another game can someone link the discord? i made a character but its confusing what am supposed to do i was told new games start every month or so? would help if someone can point me in the right direction to learn cuz theres no wiki or anything 

What was the other game out of curiosity 

18:53:04 Mar 8th 23 - Mr. Vinny:

dominions there was a big post about it awhile back but its hard to find info on the game and i joined the discord!

21:52:26 Mar 8th 23 - Mr. Existentialist:

Ah I'm dying to try that ! 

00:48:06 Mar 31st 23 - Mr. Mad Aloysius:

Anyone with a new VU discord invite? Tia

00:55:43 Mar 31st 23 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean):


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