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Explain reaching native price
13:54:06 Nov 2nd 21 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Drea):

Someone please explain reaching native price step by step please. 

If there is foood for 1.7 what would be native price?
How is that calculated? 

14:31:53 Nov 2nd 21 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

1) Sell 1 food for 5 gold. Game will usually stop you saying "Cannot sell for 2.48631 above average market price."

2) Take that number and divide by 2.5

3) The native rate for food in this example would be 0.994, or 0.99 gold/food.I personally reduce that by .01 to account for in-game rounding so it natives easier (meaning I would sell at 0.98 in this case).

One caveat is the max native rate for food is 1.09, so any value resulting from the above equation that is over 1.09 is flat-lined at 1.09. Meaning if the equation results in 1.11 being an answer, the native rate is still 1.09.

If it does not native immediately at that rate, sell 100 of that resource for 1 gold until it sells. 

This setup is true for all resources, where the max native rate of each is as follows:

Food - 1.099
Wood - 1.3499
Stone - 0.5999
Slaves - 99.99

17:34:34 Nov 2nd 21 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Belisarius):

note for stone you should sell 1 for 2 to find your number

20:27:34 Nov 2nd 21 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

Good catch, thanks JD! 

Cannot ever sell above the max value of a resource, so JD is correct, stone should be 1 stone for 2 to determine max price (or 3 if it somehow lets you sell for 2).

Max food: 6.6
Max stone: 3.6
Max wood: 8.1
Max slave: 600

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